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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC trailer

Finished Bloodborne? Well, if somehow you’ve managed to master those Chalice Dungeons and struggle through ‘the choice’ at the game’s finale, you may be thirsty for more. More crushing defeat and agonising, torturous cruelty that only From Software are capable of inflicting. The new trailer was shown today during Sony’s presser at the Tokyo Game Show. We know it’s coming November 24th, and will be priced £11.99.  Continue reading Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC trailer

Big Hero 6 are coming to Kingdom Hearts III

The new generation of Disney films are continuing their march into the world of Kingdom Hearts III. We’ve previously had confirmation the world of Tangled will be visited by Sora, Donald and Goofy, but here’s something to cheer us up before those bastards from Frozen get involved – Big Hero 6.

Big Hero 6 was a great success at the cinemas. Set in the fantastically imagined San Fransokyo, the story saw a young boy inventor become a super hero by creating a suit of armour. He also made a suit for the ever lovable Baymax, a white humanoid shaped blog, amusingly squeezed into his own power-armour. Together they teamed up with a series of fellow super hero wannabes to take on one of your typical business tyrants. Continue reading Big Hero 6 are coming to Kingdom Hearts III

Attack on Titan coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita

Attack on Titan is an anime favourite around the office here at Dealspwn and we strongly urge you to watch the harrowing series on Netflix. We also strongly urge you to avoid the rather messy 3DS game.

Tecmo Koei and Omega Force are bringing the series to PlayStation though in 2016 and this brief teaser trailer has a cool handdrawn art style that we’re hoping is going to be replicated in the final game. Visually, it reminds us of Valkyria Chronicles, but with more blood and despair.

We do feel for any developer working on the Attack on Titan license as the dramatic battles involving a Spider-Man-esque movement system (but with much sharper turns) as hunters try to outmanoeuvre giant Titans in order to attack their weak spots must be incredibly hard to put into action, with the camera alone being a significant obstacle. We wish them luck. Maybe they should take a look at this decent free browser version. Continue reading Attack on Titan coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita

Necalli is your new contender in Street Fighter V

A new contender has entered the arena for Street Fighter V. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Necalli. Don’t get to close, he’s got that look in his eye that says he might be a biter.

Necalli is a brand new character, and not simply one that’s been dusted off from an older game. His back story is yet to be revealed but his name is the Aztec word for ‘battle.’

His introduction trailer shows him handing Ken a bit of an ass kicking. Apparently he’s not convinced about the new hair-do either. Speaking of hair, Necalli’s undergoes a violent transformation during the bout. This V-Trigger mode powers him up for a while opening up new combos, varied frame data and a new Critical Art attack. It looks well worth powering up, just for the additional flare alone, as the floating hair effects look absolutely stunning. Continue reading Necalli is your new contender in Street Fighter V

Batman: Arkham Knight delayed again, but here’s a new trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight has suffered yet another delay. Instead of releasing June 6th, you’ll now have to wait until June 23rd. It’s not the longest of delays (Uncharted 4 has hurt us the most in recent weeks) and we’re glad that Rocksteady is waiting until they decide the game is ready if we’re honest.

Arkham Knight is looking fantastic so far and Warner Bros has released a new trailer called ‘Officer Down’ to ensure our appetite doesn’t diminish while we wait. Enjoy the video below to see a fresh seven minutes of gameplay. After that, take a look at our hot pre-order offers, where you can reserve a PS4 or XO copy from as little as £37.99. Continue reading Batman: Arkham Knight delayed again, but here’s a new trailer

New Thief Trailer Emphasises Open Approach


Still on the fence about the upcoming Thief game? Then check out this extensive gameplay trailer which does a great job of showing how you’ll be able to play the game in any style you want. Play as a ghost and remain undetected throughout your mission, try to play the game without killing a single person (betting there’s a Trophy for that) or just swagger around firing lethal arrows and stabbing people in the neck -probably making life quite difficult for yourself in the process.

Coming from the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we’d expect open approaches to missions to make up a large part of the game’s DNA and are enormously relieved to finally see some solid evidence of this. The footage brings to mind a hybrid of Deus Ex, Far Cry 3 and Dishonored, which might just the best thing to happen to stealth gaming since Hideo Kojima looked at a PS1.

Enjoy the trailer below and keep an eye on Dealspwn.com for the cheapest pre-order deals around the net.

Dracula Vs Toy Maker in New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Video

We can’t wait for Lords of Shadow 2 here at Dealspwn and it looks like Mercury Steam haven’t run out of ideas for ruddy huge boss fights yet either if this new gameplay video is anything to go by.

This multi-part boss fights sees ol’ pasty face take on a transforming enemy that begins as a lance-wielding knight before going on to become a snake and then a large mechanical puppet-bot. Time to brush on those dodging skills as this could be a tough one. Fingers crossed there are some checkpoints along the way as this isn’t the shortest of battles, but then again, the best ones never are. Continue reading Dracula Vs Toy Maker in New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Video

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guided Tour Trailer

Square-Enix really want you to give Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII a chance. The new trailer for game number three in the XIII series is keen to show you the large numbers of quests available, the expansive maps and the reformatted combat. Oh and chocobos and moogles naturally.

Having had a hands-on with the game, I can say I enjoyed the new combat, which ditches the ‘press X to win’ mentality by assigning individual attacks/spells to the face buttons with more to choose from by changing your schemata (like the dress-sphere’s in FFX-2). And with 80 schemata to choose from -and all of them being customisable- it would seem like we’re finally getting some tactical depth in the series for the first time in years. Old stalwarts may still dismiss the lack of a traditional turn-based approach, but this is an improvement over the last two games, and is slightly turn-based in the sense that you can only dish out a few attacks at once before waiting for a meter to recharge.  Continue reading Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guided Tour Trailer

Killzone: Shadow Fall Story Trailer

Killzone: Shadow Fall is looking like the must-have PS4 exclusive on launch day. This new trailer gives us more details on the plot than any of the past videos and it’s shaping up to be very interesting indeed. Series fans will notice a reference to Visari and we’re presuming it’s his daughter who is now leading the Helghast. The game is set 30 years after the original trilogy and finds both sides fighting over the same planet since the destruction of Helghan.

Killzone has never been shy of putting a large emphasis on the story and it feels like Guerrilla Games are gearing up for something epic this time. Fingers crossed Rico won’t be making a cameo though. Don’t forget to check out our multiplayer hands-on report too. Continue reading Killzone: Shadow Fall Story Trailer

NBA 2K14 Next Gen Trailer Drops Jaws

Fancy taking a peak at a graphical benchmark for next-gen sports games? Of course you do, so here’s some footage of swaggering NBA basketballers in 2K’s upcoming next-gen version of NBA 2K14. The video shows some jaw-dropping in-game graphics, with an epic Mr-T beard on the Houston Rockets’ Harden being the obvious highlight.

If genre-leading visuals are your thing, it may well be worth hanging on for the next-gen versions of the game that launch on the same days as the PS4 and Xbone. Matt reviewed the 360 version recently and gave it an 8/10, so expect big things. Continue reading NBA 2K14 Next Gen Trailer Drops Jaws

Crimson Dragon Trailer Lands at TGS

A new trailer for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Crimson Dragon, has emerged at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. We’ve not seen a lot of the game since its initial announcement, but we have to admit it’s looking pretty good at this point. Microsoft are seemingly trying to remind the Japanese market that they shouldn’t disregard the Xbox One when picking up a next-gen console next year. Frankly, we can’t believe the Panzer Dragoon series has seen so few releases in recent years.

Will exclusive games like Crimson Dragon strengthen the Microsoft brand when it has been a distant third in the East for a long time? Check out the trailer after the break and see what you think. Continue reading Crimson Dragon Trailer Lands at TGS

Infamous Devs Show off DualShock 4 Controller

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s reveal trailer for new character, Fetch, we have another Infamous: Second Son video for you. This dev diary is an essential watch for any PlayStation fan wanting to see the DualShock 4’s trackpad in use. The player can use it to make Delsin scan his finger at checkpoints, follow prompts for hacks or even for stealth attacks as he seemingly melts a guard’s neck with his fiery hands.

The rest of the video displays Sucker Punch’s enthusiasm for the new controller and even how they were invited to Japan to give feedback on early prototypes. Matt and Carl will be getting their own hands on the controller all this week, keep an eye out for their PS4 previews for their impressions. Continue reading Infamous Devs Show off DualShock 4 Controller

General Zod DLC Out Now for Injustice: Gods Among us

Been to watch Man of Steel recently? The epic brawls between Superman and his classic nemesis, General Zod, have probably nicely whetted your appetite to re-enact the Kryptonian grudge match in the best fighting game of 2013 so far.

For 400 MS points/£3.99 you can add General Zod to the roster in Injustice: Gods Among Us. He’ has many exciting powers, like summoning a phantom creature for assistance, trapping foes in phantom prisons or just smashing them right through the moon. His appearance sadly doesn’t take inspiration from any of the movies he’s appeared in. Instead he’s bald and has a terrible excuse for a beard. He looks rubbish to be honest, but he could be fun to play as.

Also newly available is a new Man of Steel skin (80 MS points/79p) for Superman and The New 52, Blackest Night 2 and Earth 2 packs for 240 points or £2.39 each. Enjoy a Zod gameplay trailer and a history video too after the break. Continue reading General Zod DLC Out Now for Injustice: Gods Among us

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets 5 Minute E3 Trailer

It’s hard to believe after all these years we’re only a few months away from getting an online Final Fantasy game on the PS3. The latest trailer from E3 does its best to show off the gorgeous environments, cutscenes and in-game action. With Final Fantasy XV seemingly taking a new gameplay direction, this may be the best bet for RPG fans. Provided you have the coin that is.

With monthly subs starting around the £8/$14 mark we’re still a little on the fence about this one. On the fence, but damn near falling off it as we lean in for a better look that is. A Realm Reborn is out August 27th on PC and PS3, check out the new trailer after the break. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets 5 Minute E3 Trailer

Hellraid Gameplay Vid Shows Techland’s Creative Range

Ubisoft went super 80s retro (but in the future) with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but Techland look set to roll back the clock even further to the Medieval times with Dead Island: Hellraid. Wait, what, this isn’t a Dead Island game? But, there are zombies, and co-op and first-person melee weapons, hell it even looks a bit rubbish? Still no?

Ok, start again. Here’s some debut gameplay footage for you from Techlands BRAND NEW SUPER DUPER IP, Hellraid. There will be a single-player campaign and a separate co-op mode, which should hopefully allow the former to be more interesting than Techland’s other famous first-person zombie slasher. It looks rather interesting to be fair, until they put health bars on weapons made of solid steel again at least. Enjoy the groundbreaking trailer after the jump! Continue reading Hellraid Gameplay Vid Shows Techland’s Creative Range

Dead or Alive 5 Gets Ultimate Edition

Fighting fans who are yet to pick up Dead or Alive 5 may want to wait until the autumn as Tecmo Koei have announced a new edition, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate for the PS3 and Xbox 360. This will feature all of the extra content included in the PS Vita game, Dead or Alive 5 Plus, namely the extra characters, stages and modes. More extras and characters are yet to be announced but we can confirm that Ninja Gaiden’s Momiji has already been added to the chest-heavy roster of fighters. Seeing as Akira is already in there, Pai, Lau, Jacky, Wolf or Sarah from Virtua Fighter may be a good fit too if anyone’s listening.

Many PS3 gamers may already own the gorgeous-looking and fun to play original DoA5 as it was available as a part of the PS Plus membership, so there will need to be some must-have content to convince them to get their wallets out. Personally, if they could tweak the counters system to be more like it was for DoA2 on the PS2 I’d be tempted. In the meantime, check out Ultimate’s trailer showing Momiji in action. Continue reading Dead or Alive 5 Gets Ultimate Edition

Confirmed: Sega Are Remaking Castle of Illusion

Last weekend we posted a teaser trailer that had us believing (hoping) that Sega were going to answer our demented fan mail and remake the classic Mega Drive game, Castle of Illusion, starring Mickey Mouse. Well, the big teases have finally confirmed that they are working on a HD re-imagining of the game for PSN, XBLA and PC platforms.

Sega Studios Australia are handling development and they are also working with the original game’s director. From the screenshots released so far, it seems that they are sticking with 2D gameplay, which is something of a relief. Sega’s Senior Digital Brand Manager, Mai Kawaguchi, supported this by saying, “If you have played the original game, you will also see that we have kept intact many of the major iconic elements of the game that helped define this groundbreaking game at the time of its original release.”

No pricing details are available at this time but we know the game will be released this summer. Check out a few new screenshots and a trailer after the break.

Continue reading Confirmed: Sega Are Remaking Castle of Illusion

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Siberian Strike DLC Out Now

Finished Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 already? You probably have if you bought it seeing as it’s only about five hours long. This first DLC drop is a single-player expansion chapter in snowy Siberia and is available now for an eye-watering 800 MSP or £8.99 on PSN and Steam. Currently metascoring in the 50s, it wasn’t hard to see why City Interactive were being tight with review code for the original game.

After renting it though I would have thought that multiplayer DLC would have been up first seeing as the game currently has a solitary team deathmatch mode spread over a mere two maps. Check out the trailer for Siberian Strike after the break, but I’d be advise holding onto your money until it sees a discount. Not that you’re going to spend money on DLC for a game you’d only rent. Continue reading Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Siberian Strike DLC Out Now

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Launch Trailer

Activision won’t be sending us a review code and from the game’s current 36% rating on Metacritic we can see why they may not be so keen to hand us the knife. So at the moment, it’s looking like a curious rental is about all the encouragement we’re able to muster for the game, which is probably how we’re going to bring your a review at a later date too.

Remember, this game has nothing to do with the Telltale Games titles that picked up numerous GOTY awards last year. This is strictly based on the TV show rather than the comics. You control Daryl in the events before the show started as he’s looking for his racist arsehole of a brother. Great, so we know the ending already, right?

Check out the trailer after the jump to see the game in action. Daryl’s crossbow dominates the footage with lots of messy headshots to be seen. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is out now on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Continue reading The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Launch Trailer

WRC: Powerslide Gets New Trailer and Release Date

Milestone’s upcoming racer is ditching the traditional rallying for multiplayer shenanigans on PSN and XBLA. Simultaneous multiplayer and even powerups are making their way to the series for the first time. The latest gameplay trailer shows a single race with hailstorms, nitros and shields all playing their part. The regular WRC games have been solid performers over the years for Milestone, but this more fun approach looks to be in a similar vein of games like the surprisingly fun, Dirt: Showdown.

WRC: Powerslide will be released on XBLA March 8th and PSN March 13th. Continue reading WRC: Powerslide Gets New Trailer and Release Date