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Star Composer Team Talk Beyond: Two Souls

The cinematic production values of Beyond: Two Souls have been sky high since the first footage was seen. It’s not just visually though that the game is exceeding our expectations. Sony and Quantic Dream have drafted in some top talent to compose the game’s score. Lorne Balfe is the composer for the soundtrack and has done great work on Assassin’s Creed III and Modern Warfare 2. It’s also being produced by film legend Hans Zimmer who has worked on the likes of Gladiator, The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Inception and Pirates of the Caribbean.

This interview gives us some insight into the process of creating the game’s soundtrack, emphasising the similarities between games and films, while also respecting their differences. Balfe talks about not wanting to fall into the trap that many games do by having a theme score that’s always popping up. That’s fine in films, but when a player is maybe sitting there for six hours, they don’t want to annoy them with repetition. It really sounds like they’ve thought this through. Naturally, Beyond: Two Souls is right up there with our most anticipated games of the Christmas rush. Continue reading Star Composer Team Talk Beyond: Two Souls

Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus Trailer Has an Xmas Gun!

All hail the Winterizer! Ratchet’s new gun turns enemies into snowmen that give out health and ammo! Insomniac Games can’t help themselves, as they’re bringing yet another Ratchet & Clank game to PS3 despite  now working on multiplatform titles. It would seem they’re a long way off running out of ideas for new weapons too if this new trailer is anything to go by.

Into the Nexus is set to be a return to the classic games, carrying on the story arc from A Crack in Time. The last game focused on awful tower defence sections, so this is awesome news. Also, there’s some neat little 2D platforming sections to look forward to. This is looking like one of the best Ratchet games in years. Knack may have to wait. Continue reading Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus Trailer Has an Xmas Gun!

Killzone: Mercenary Gamescom Trailer Raises Our Hopes

Boy does the Vita need a great game. Particularly a decent FPS as Resistance only managed a ‘meh‘ and Call of Duty was an absolute abomination. This looks like the real deal though. The transition to handheld doesn’t seem to have dumbed down the action at all with this trailer showing huge firefights in the skies and on the ground.

Playing as a mercenary, the aim of the game is to make as much money as possible, by taking any dirty job you can. Brutal kills and headshots net you even more cash along with completing your objectives. Money can then be used to buy new equipment and upgrades. With lots of quickfire missions, gameplay will be well suited to the handheld, and early reports are suggesting the multiplayer is shaping up nicely too. Enjoy the trailer after the break and don’t forget to take a peek at Jon’s hands-on preview too. Continue reading Killzone: Mercenary Gamescom Trailer Raises Our Hopes

Knack Gets A Gamescom Trailer

Sony’s upcoming action platformer is looking pretty sweet so far. With Mark Cerny, the lead architect on the PS4, working on the game, we’re sure he’s going to try and get something special from the new console. Not to mention he has a rich platforming history including the best of the best: Sonic 2, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter. The guy knows his stuff.

Knack features a transforming hero that builds himself up by destroying objects, but he can become smaller to sneak through tighter areas too, which should break up all the goblin smacking. We’ve got high hopes for this one, especiallyseeing as it’s the only platformer in Sony’s launch lineup. Continue reading Knack Gets A Gamescom Trailer

Firefly Revealed for Batman: Arkham Origins

Good old Warner Bros. We wouldn’t want any bad guy appearances to be a surprise for us in Batman: Arkham Origins now would we? So yes, WB are once again building up momentum for their new game by showcasing each of the assassin’s hired to kill the Bat.

To be fair, this trailer only shows a few glimpses of the flame-throwing  jetpack enthusiast. Numerous villains make an appearance in this new video, along with a younger Jim Gordon, who’s yet to earn his commissioner stripes.

Matt and Carl will be sneaking through the rafters of the Koelnmesse arena in Cologne and unleashing some smoke bombs to get their hands on the game over the next few days so we can finally see how the game is holding up without Rocksteady at the helm. Continue reading Firefly Revealed for Batman: Arkham Origins

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Set to be Casual, But Immersive

Fancy something mildly disturbing? Ever wondered what it would be like if Lost and Silent Hill collided? Then you’ll be wanting to take a look at The Chinese Room’s new game coming exclusively to PS4, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. The ‘post-event’ vibe in the trailer feels like there’s some sort of menace just around the corner. What is ‘the loop’ that somebody was trying to close on the computer? These are questions raised by the brief trailer and we’re sure you want to know more too.

The developers of the critically acclaimed Dear Esther have been talking about the game and how they approached Sony. Dan and Jessica, co-directors at The Chinese Room had this to say:

“It’s all about the end of the world. You play the role of a scientist, trapped in the very second of the apocalypse, and the game is about discovering what has happened. You do this by exploring a large open-world environment, and interacting with the objects, places and people you find to gradually unlock and put together the story.” Continue reading Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Set to be Casual, But Immersive

Rime Devs: Sony Respect the Crazy and Beautiful

There was a fantastic range of indie games announced for the PS4 during yesterday’s Sony Gamescom presser, but Rime has scrambled to the top of the pile for this Ico fan.

Coming from Spanish outfit Tequila Works, this gorgeous game blends the colourful art-style of Zelda: The Wind Waker with the atmospheric, lonely cliff-side castle ruins seen in Ico. Little else is known about the game at this stage, but we’d strongly advise you check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it already. Continue reading Rime Devs: Sony Respect the Crazy and Beautiful

Infamous Devs Show off DualShock 4 Controller

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s reveal trailer for new character, Fetch, we have another Infamous: Second Son video for you. This dev diary is an essential watch for any PlayStation fan wanting to see the DualShock 4’s trackpad in use. The player can use it to make Delsin scan his finger at checkpoints, follow prompts for hacks or even for stealth attacks as he seemingly melts a guard’s neck with his fiery hands.

The rest of the video displays Sucker Punch’s enthusiasm for the new controller and even how they were invited to Japan to give feedback on early prototypes. Matt and Carl will be getting their own hands on the controller all this week, keep an eye out for their PS4 previews for their impressions. Continue reading Infamous Devs Show off DualShock 4 Controller

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – The Savior’s Choice Trailer

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Well, it’s a royal mess of a name and will mess up your alphabetised collection something rotten, but there’s still something about Square Enix’s upcoming RPG that pulls us in. We prefer to think of it as hope rather than blind belief they’ll get it right this time.

A more-action orientated approach will annoy purists, but games like the excellent Tales of Xillia prove that you can have it both ways. Plus, you’ll visit the last known home of the Moogles, although we don’t think you’ll be allowed to massacre the cheeky little sods. Pre-order the game and you’ll get a Cloud outfit from FFVII, it’s like Square Enix are actively taunting fans that have been howling for that remake. It’s double date time this Valentine’s day as Lightning arrives for her last hurrah February 14th. Continue reading Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – The Savior’s Choice Trailer

Battlefield 4 Gets Two New Gamescom Trailers

Wow, even on the lower settings on YouTube, this game looks amazing. We’ve scavenged two trailers from EA’s Gamescom presser for you. The first is the Paracel Storm multiplayer trailer which looks like the ultimate in modern updates to the Pacific Island battles of Battlefield 1943.

The second video shows off the game’s varied ‘Levolution’ concepts, destroying the environment to your advantage, or just because it looks so damn cool. The competition for the years hottest FPS just got a lot tougher for Activision’s Ghosts. Continue reading Battlefield 4 Gets Two New Gamescom Trailers

Battlefield 4 Open Beta Launching on PS3 and 360 in October [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Premium details also unveiled

DICE have just announced that an open Beta for Battlefield 4 will launch in October for both PS3 and Xbox 360 – and that there’ll be plenty of incentives to get involved with the Premium programme this time around.

Continue reading Battlefield 4 Open Beta Launching on PS3 and 360 in October [UPDATE]

Killer Instinct Pricing and Bundles Announced

Since the E3 reveal we’ve been keen to find out what the pricing plans were for the DLC-structured beat ’em up. As you may already know, the game will be available as a free download with just Jago to play as. Awesome news for Jago purists, but others will be wanting more.

Additional characters will cost £3.99/$4.99 each. An additional six brawlers will be available at launch with another two to follow shortly after.

For players wanting to really pack out their rosters, two bundle packs will also be available. For £16.99/$19.99 you’ll be able to buy the Combo Breaker pack which features the aforementioned eight fighters, saving you 50% on buying them separately. Continue reading Killer Instinct Pricing and Bundles Announced

Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer Revealed

Microsoft and Crytek have just released a new video displaying Ryse’s co-op mode. This mode is based in gladiatorial arenas like the Colosseum. With a partner, you’ll take on waves of enemies, but will also have to be mindful of the arena itself. Tiles of the floor will shift and change to reveal spike pits, fire and other career-shredding opportunities for you to lumber into. Of course, you’ll be able to use them to your advantage too by shoving enemies into them.

We ‘Ave all the gory details and the all-important trailer below.

Continue reading Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer Revealed