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Infamous: Second Son (Review)

infamous-second-son-box-artThe first massive exclusive on the PS4 since launch day’s Killzone: Shadow Fall is finally here. The adventures of the lightning-powered Cole in the first two games were well received by PlayStation gamers, so it’s fair to say the pressure’s on for Sucker Punch’s debut PS4 game.

The story is set in a world that’s been reeling since Conduits -people with super powers – started appearing seven years earlier, causing widespread destruction and paranoia across America. Since the events of Infamous 2, Conduits have been branded Bio Terrorists and rounded up by the DUP -the Department of Unified Protection. The DUP is run by a sadistic turncoat Conduit Brooke Augustine, who has an ability to create concrete structures or painful torture spikes at will. This earned her a feared reputation amongst both Conduits and regular citizens. There are dark shades of McCarthyism and the similarities to the early X-Men movies or TV’s Heroes are plain to see.

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Infamous: Second Son Devs Implore Gamers to Stop Leaking Footage

Infamous: Second Son Devs Implore Gamers to Stop Leaking Footage

Sucker Punch, the developers of Infamous: Second Son on the PS4 have just posted a message on their facebook page, asking gamers who have managed to get a hold of a copy of their game before the official release to stop posting video footage, citing spoilers as a key reason. With only neon and smoke powers officially confirmed for the new Infamous title, it’s no surprise to see that gamers have been eager too see what other powers Delsin can steal from his fellow conduits. Here’s what Sucker Punch had to say on the matter:  Continue reading Infamous: Second Son Devs Implore Gamers to Stop Leaking Footage

Infamous Devs Show off DualShock 4 Controller

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s reveal trailer for new character, Fetch, we have another Infamous: Second Son video for you. This dev diary is an essential watch for any PlayStation fan wanting to see the DualShock 4’s trackpad in use. The player can use it to make Delsin scan his finger at checkpoints, follow prompts for hacks or even for stealth attacks as he seemingly melts a guard’s neck with his fiery hands.

The rest of the video displays Sucker Punch’s enthusiasm for the new controller and even how they were invited to Japan to give feedback on early prototypes. Matt and Carl will be getting their own hands on the controller all this week, keep an eye out for their PS4 previews for their impressions. Continue reading Infamous Devs Show off DualShock 4 Controller

Conversations with Creators – Infamous: Second Son

In the latest of Sony’s Conversations with Creators series for upcoming PS4 projects, we get to hear the thoughts from some of the Sucker Punch team as they work on Infamous: Second Son.

There’s a quite a bit of waffle in there if I’m honest, but they caught my attention by talking about an immersive use of the new controller’s touchpad that does sound like a cool inclusion instead of a regular button press.

Second Son is going to be set in the new location of Seattle, a few years after the last game and with new characters, meaning it’ll be very newbie friendly story-wise. With everyone’s new favourite go-to voice actor Troy Baker (Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us) in the lead role, we’re expecting a character with a bit more personality than Cole in the PS3 games. Thankfully, Sony have opted to release the game in 2014, rather than let it get lost amongst the wave of launch titles around Christmas. Take a peak at the video after the break. Continue reading Conversations with Creators – Infamous: Second Son

Infamous 2 (Review)

Our electrical star of Infamous, Cole MacGrath, begins the game with an encounter against ‘The Beast’ an almost god-like deity, hell bent on destroying everything. Cole is unable to stop the destruction of Empire City and is forced to retreat south to New Marais while he prepares himself for round two.

The city of New Marais is inspired by New Orleans, so the settings include recreations of the Latin Quarter, swamps, vault-packed graveyards and also the poorer areas of the city. After the eternally grey Empire City, the new setting is an inspired choice, especially the eerie swamps and the neon lights of the city’s nightlife district. The colours of some of the sunsets are real showstoppers too; seriously, you won’t see better skies anywhere else. The terrible real-life effects of Hurricane Katrina are also mirrored, as Cole arrives years after a flood, to find large areas still submerged with a few nods to the lack of government support New Orleans suffered. It feels tastefully done, as ignoring such an event when basing your location on New Orleans would have been insensitive.

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inFamous (Preview / Demo review)

inFamousWith the full game release just around the corner, it’s time to check out the hype with a look at the PSN demo of this electrically-charged open world action game based in a city after a huge explosion leaves it in chaos. On the plus-side it gave you electric super powers and the decision to be naughty or nice. Continue reading inFamous (Preview / Demo review)