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Conversations with Creators – Infamous: Second Son

In the latest of Sony’s Conversations with Creators series for upcoming PS4 projects, we get to hear the thoughts from some of the Sucker Punch team as they work on Infamous: Second Son.

There’s a quite a bit of waffle in there if I’m honest, but they caught my attention by talking about an immersive use of the new controller’s touchpad that does sound like a cool inclusion instead of a regular button press.

Second Son is going to be set in the new location of Seattle, a few years after the last game and with new characters, meaning it’ll be very newbie friendly story-wise. With everyone’s new favourite go-to voice actor Troy Baker (Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us) in the lead role, we’re expecting a character with a bit more personality than Cole in the PS3 games. Thankfully, Sony have opted to release the game in 2014, rather than let it get lost amongst the wave of launch titles around Christmas. Take a peak at the video after the break. Continue reading Conversations with Creators – Infamous: Second Son