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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Siberian Strike DLC Out Now

Finished Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 already? You probably have if you bought it seeing as it’s only about five hours long. This first DLC drop is a single-player expansion chapter in snowy Siberia and is available now for an eye-watering 800 MSP or £8.99 on PSN and Steam. Currently metascoring in the 50s, it wasn’t hard to see why City Interactive were being tight with review code for the original game.

After renting it though I would have thought that multiplayer DLC would have been up first seeing as the game currently has a solitary team deathmatch mode spread over a mere two maps. Check out the trailer for Siberian Strike after the break, but I’d be advise holding onto your money until it sees a discount. Not that you’re going to spend money on DLC for a game you’d only rent. Continue reading Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Siberian Strike DLC Out Now

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (Review)

Lost between long-range brilliance and shooting itself in the foot

A glitchy but somewhat enjoyable first game had us crossing our fingers for an improved sequel from City Interactive. The sniping genre has intensified of late with stiff competition coming from Sniper Elite V2 last year so they need to hit the ground running this time.

The CryEngine 3 (also used for Crysis 3) certainly gives the game a graphical boost. The game is off to a sunny start in the Philippines with wonderfully bright lighting in the jungle environments being a fine tonic to any gamer fatigued with all the grey corridors and city environments in others shooters.

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Infamous 2 (Review)

Our electrical star of Infamous, Cole MacGrath, begins the game with an encounter against ‘The Beast’ an almost god-like deity, hell bent on destroying everything. Cole is unable to stop the destruction of Empire City and is forced to retreat south to New Marais while he prepares himself for round two.

The city of New Marais is inspired by New Orleans, so the settings include recreations of the Latin Quarter, swamps, vault-packed graveyards and also the poorer areas of the city. After the eternally grey Empire City, the new setting is an inspired choice, especially the eerie swamps and the neon lights of the city’s nightlife district. The colours of some of the sunsets are real showstoppers too; seriously, you won’t see better skies anywhere else. The terrible real-life effects of Hurricane Katrina are also mirrored, as Cole arrives years after a flood, to find large areas still submerged with a few nods to the lack of government support New Orleans suffered. It feels tastefully done, as ignoring such an event when basing your location on New Orleans would have been insensitive.

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