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Infamous Devs Show off DualShock 4 Controller

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s reveal trailer for new character, Fetch, we have another¬†Infamous: Second Son video for you. This dev diary is an essential watch for any PlayStation fan wanting to see the DualShock 4’s trackpad in use. The player can use it to make Delsin scan his finger at checkpoints, follow prompts for hacks or even for stealth attacks as he seemingly melts a guard’s neck with his fiery hands.

The rest of the video displays Sucker Punch’s enthusiasm for the new controller and even how they were invited to Japan to give feedback on early prototypes. Matt and Carl will be getting their own hands on the controller all this week, keep an eye out for their PS4 previews for their impressions. Continue reading Infamous Devs Show off DualShock 4 Controller

Watch the PS4 Announcement Meeting in Full

If you missed the PlayStation meeting earlier this week or couldn’t find a reliable live stream you can now watch the whole thing right here at Dealspwn. It’s a two hour beast, but essential viewing. We covered all the news highlights individually too, take a look at those articles by clicking this link. Or just enjoy the whole meeting after the jump for coverage of the PS4 reveal, the new DualShock 4, ¬†Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club, Infamous: Second Son, Destiny and much more.

Continue reading Watch the PS4 Announcement Meeting in Full