Star Composer Team Talk Beyond: Two Souls

The cinematic production values of Beyond: Two Souls have been sky high since the first footage was seen. It’s not just visually though that the game is exceeding our expectations. Sony and Quantic Dream have drafted in some top talent to compose the game’s score. Lorne Balfe is the composer for the soundtrack and has done great work on Assassin’s Creed III and Modern Warfare 2. It’s also being produced by film legend Hans Zimmer who has worked on the likes of Gladiator, The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Inception and Pirates of the Caribbean.

This interview gives us some insight into the process of creating the game’s soundtrack, emphasising the similarities between games and films, while also respecting their differences. Balfe talks about not wanting to fall into the trap that many games do by having a theme score that’s always popping up. That’s fine in films, but when a player is maybe sitting there for six hours, they don’t want to annoy them with repetition. It really sounds like they’ve thought this through. Naturally, Beyond: Two Souls is right up there with our most anticipated games of the Christmas rush.

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