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October’s PlayStation Plus games announced

September's PlayStation Plus games announced

Well folks, this is what you’ve been waiting for, the full lineup of October’s Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

These are the games coming from October 6th and you can see a roundup trailer below. Continue reading October’s PlayStation Plus games announced

Tales of Zestiria gets combat-packed trailer

Tales of Zestiria isn’t far away now, and this new trailer is packed with battle scenes. The Tales of games are more action-orientated than most JRPGs, but they’re far from simple. Once you get rolling though, the fluid moves are a lot of fun, as I found when reviewing Tales of Xillia.

It’s great to see a trailer show so much gameplay, instead of random story points that have no meaning without the context (like most JRPG trailers). Take a look, and if you like what you see, how about one of these cheap Tales of Zestiria PS3 or PS4 preorders? Continue reading Tales of Zestiria gets combat-packed trailer

September’s PlayStation Plus games announced

Well folks, this is what you’ve been waiting for, the full lineup of September’s Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers. We already knew one of them from earlier today, the winner of the Vote to Play initiative, Grow Home. Let’s take a look at the others. Continue reading September’s PlayStation Plus games announced

Yakuza 5 dev diary talks Hostess Clubs and brawls

Yakuza 5 is somewhat overdue on these shores. It landed in Japan in 2012 on PS3 and eager fans have been waiting ever since for a Western release. Yakuza 4 was a great game, and is still worth picking up, but for those of us that snapped it up in 2011, the wait is getting unbearable for Sega’s latest.

Fortunately, we’ll finally see the game release later this year on PS3. We’re surprised there’s no PS4 version as it would seem like a natural choice for a remaster, but we’re more than happy to dust off last-gen for this series. Now, can we have a Western Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! please, Sega?

For now, you’ll just have to whet your appetite with the latest in the dev diary series on Yakuza 5. The main focus seems to be on the extensive research they did on Japanese Hostess Bars (I’m sure they were meticulously studied) and the influences on those brutal brawls. The video is the second in a three part series and the first video is included below too. Continue reading Yakuza 5 dev diary talks Hostess Clubs and brawls

Lego Dimensions Worlds Trailer will have you ready for these preorders

Want to see what worlds are waiting for you with Lego Dimensions and it’s many add-on packs? Then this is the trailer for you. If that whets your appetite, you’ll really want to check out the range of preorders listed below, which are much cheaper than their high street comparisons.

Find out why we’re so excited with this article: Lego Dimensions: how the magic of Lego could dethrone Skylanders.

PSN outages and slow downloads strike again

We’re getting multiple reports that PSN is down again and gamers who are online are reporting downloads taking much longer than usual.

The main issues seem to be affecting Europe, although that could be because other areas of the world like the West coast of the USA are still in bed. Take a look at this map to see the most recent spread of outages. Continue reading PSN outages and slow downloads strike again

Lego Dimensions story trailer makes it hard to resist

Parents, do not let your children see this trailer! There’s no way they’ll not want a piece of Lego Dimensions after seeing this. And how are you going to play it if you have to share with the little blighters?

Today’s trailer gives us the biggest look yet at the story for Lego Dimensions, the new name in the toys-to-life genre that we’re already trading in our Skylanders and Disney Infinity tat for. The mind-boggling mashup of characters and worlds including Batman, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future and The Wizard of Oz looks like the sort of toybox-inspired fun that’s going to be a blast to play. It’s not going to be cheap, but we’ve hunted down the best deals for preorders if you want to get involved at launch. You’ll save a small fortune compared to an impulse buy on the high street too. Continue reading Lego Dimensions story trailer makes it hard to resist

Lego Jurassic World trailer takes you for a tour while we dig up the best prices

The latest trailer for Lego Jurassic World ties in neatly with the new movie as it gives you a tour of the newly opened Jurassic World theme park. We’re sure the opening will run smoothly. No wait, little Lego people are running for their lives and I’m pretty sure I saw a Raptor doing a wheelie on a bike. Clear your backlog people, this game is going to have you glued to your seats until that Platinum Trophy pings. Enjoy the trailer and take a look at our roundup of the best preorder deals for every format below. Continue reading Lego Jurassic World trailer takes you for a tour while we dig up the best prices

New Lego Jurassic World trailer inspired us to hunt down these cheap preorders

Today’s brand new Lego Jurassic World trailer is all sorts of awesome and the release date has finally been confirmed too. In fact, it’s less than a month away, so be sure to take advantage of our roundup of hot preorder deals across every format below if you want to play the game on June 12th. Naturally, you’ll want to take a look at that new trailer too, which features scenes from all four movies, along with footage of the various types of dinosaur you’ll get to play as.  Continue reading New Lego Jurassic World trailer inspired us to hunt down these cheap preorders

PlayStation + May 2015 games are…

This month’s selection for the PlayStation + Instant Game Collection has just been announced. We have to say, we’re a little disappointed that they don’t match the ‘leaked’ ones from a German site a few days ago. Another month goes by where I don’t get a free copy of Knack. That’s probably for the best though, as there are some decent titles to choose from this month, along with a few that you may not have heard of before.

Here’s what’s coming on May 6th with our review hyperlinked in where applicable: Continue reading PlayStation + May 2015 games are…

Godzilla gameplay trailer hits downtown

Want to see what Godzilla looks like on PS4? Then you’re in the right place as we have a new gameplay trailer, showing off multiple monsters going at it from Godzilla’s long movie history. You might not know it from the trailer, but this is a full-priced release coming to PS3 and PS4 in July. Call me skeptical, but if we questioned whether Evovle was worth £40, Godzilla is certainly facing a uphill struggle. That said, if this summer is anything like last year, we’ll be desperate for any new game. There, and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to say anything nice.

Stay tuned to Dealspwn.com as Jon went to a preview day at Bandai Namco recently and got his mitts on it.  Take a look at the trailer below and see the King of Monsters in action. Continue reading Godzilla gameplay trailer hits downtown

It’s time developers finally left ‘last-gen’ behind

Last week we learned that the upcoming Mad Max game has had its last-gen platform versions cancelled for the PS3 and Xbox 360. This makes enormous sense to us and we think it’s time developers of full-sized games started to make this their norm. It’s time for them to say goodbye to last-gen and the PS3 and Xbox 360.

We’ve seen too many games suffer during development due to resources being stretched during cross-generational development. To be honest, we’ve seen it since the PS4/XO launch, with titles likes Need for Speed Rivals. There was barely any difference between the two visuals-wise and the next-gen version of the game felt like it was held back by having to maintain values with its chugging twin. But one of them was £10-£20 more expensive. At least you can get it cheaper nowadays.

Continue reading It’s time developers finally left ‘last-gen’ behind

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Comparison Trailer

Want to see the difference between the original PS2 game and the upcoming HD remaster for Kingdom Hearts 2? Well, be sure to check out the new interactive trailer which sweeps between the old and new versions. In addition to smoother textures, it seems that Square-Enix have taken the time to add some extra colours as shown by some metallic greys now replaced with gold or rust coloured textures.

The first Kingdom Hearts remaster proved to be a big hit and reminded us why we loved the original so much all those years ago. The next instalment will include remasters for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Edition, Birth By Sleep (formerly released on the PSP) and a cutscene compilation of Re:Coded. With Kingdom Hearts 3 probably not arriving until late 2015 at the earliest, you have lots of time to check out the originals first. Continue reading Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Comparison Trailer

New Thief Trailer Emphasises Open Approach


Still on the fence about the upcoming Thief game? Then check out this extensive gameplay trailer which does a great job of showing how you’ll be able to play the game in any style you want. Play as a ghost and remain undetected throughout your mission, try to play the game without killing a single person (betting there’s a Trophy for that) or just swagger around firing lethal arrows and stabbing people in the neck -probably making life quite difficult for yourself in the process.

Coming from the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we’d expect open approaches to missions to make up a large part of the game’s DNA and are enormously relieved to finally see some solid evidence of this. The footage brings to mind a hybrid of Deus Ex, Far Cry 3 and Dishonored, which might just the best thing to happen to stealth gaming since Hideo Kojima looked at a PS1.

Enjoy the trailer below and keep an eye on Dealspwn.com for the cheapest pre-order deals around the net.

Dracula Vs Toy Maker in New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Video

We can’t wait for Lords of Shadow 2 here at Dealspwn and it looks like Mercury Steam haven’t run out of ideas for ruddy huge boss fights yet either if this new gameplay video is anything to go by.

This multi-part boss fights sees ol’ pasty face take on a transforming enemy that begins as a lance-wielding knight before going on to become a snake and then a large mechanical puppet-bot. Time to brush on those dodging skills as this could be a tough one. Fingers crossed there are some checkpoints along the way as this isn’t the shortest of battles, but then again, the best ones never are. Continue reading Dracula Vs Toy Maker in New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Video

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guided Tour Trailer

Square-Enix really want you to give Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII a chance. The new trailer for game number three in the XIII series is keen to show you the large numbers of quests available, the expansive maps and the reformatted combat. Oh and chocobos and moogles naturally.

Having had a hands-on with the game, I can say I enjoyed the new combat, which ditches the ‘press X to win’ mentality by assigning individual attacks/spells to the face buttons with more to choose from by changing your schemata (like the dress-sphere’s in FFX-2). And with 80 schemata to choose from -and all of them being customisable- it would seem like we’re finally getting some tactical depth in the series for the first time in years. Old stalwarts may still dismiss the lack of a traditional turn-based approach, but this is an improvement over the last two games, and is slightly turn-based in the sense that you can only dish out a few attacks at once before waiting for a meter to recharge.  Continue reading Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guided Tour Trailer

The Lego Movie Videogame Trailer

While going to the cinema to see the movie will raise some eyebrows unless you have children, buying this is fine. Rock you inner man-child’s world by picking up the latest Lego game in February. The game ties in with the odd looking film which seems to be some sort of crime caper with new characters, but with the likes of Batman and other DC-types popping in to help out every now and then.

To be honest, we’ve no idea what’s going on in this latest trailer, but as Lego City Undercover showed, Traveller’s Tales don’t need to rely on a classic film/comic license to bring us a quality adventure. They know damn well by now we just want to collect shiny things. Speaking of shiny things, why not pick up the PS4/Xbone version of Lego Marvel Super Heroes for £29.99 with our deal. Enjoy the Lego Movie Videogame trailer after the break. Continue reading The Lego Movie Videogame Trailer

Grid 2, Contrast, Resogun, Sonic Racing and More Coming to PS Plus Next Week

Time to clear out some of those old demos again folks. Next week sees a host of new titles arrive for PS Plus members on PS3, PS Vita and for the first time, PS4.

On November 27th, PS3 gamers will get one of the best racers out there in the form of Grid 2 and the mad mexican platformer beat’em up, Guacamelle. The Vita is getting Guacamelle too, Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed and the former PSP title GTA: Liberty City Stories. When the PS4 launches on the 29th, next-gen owners will be able to help themselves to the jazz noir platformer Contrast and the retro (but oh so shiny) shooter, Resogun. Continue reading Grid 2, Contrast, Resogun, Sonic Racing and More Coming to PS Plus Next Week

Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Fall Map is a GAME Exclusive

“Look, We’re Knocking Down Skyscrapers Too!”

That’s what this trailer for the Free Fall pre-order DLC incentive seems to be shouting, as Activision try to muscle in on Battlefield 4’s key multiplayer feature, massively changing environments in multiplayer maps. To be fair, Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new map looks like a hell of a lot of fun too.

Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin, is pretty excited about the new map: “It [the new map] introduces our new mechanic, dynamic maps – this idea of bringing that sort of cinematic single player experience to multiplayer. You’re playing in a building that is falling over and is wedged between two other buildings. The floor you’re on is actually the glass windows from the side of the building so you see this world in a very topsy-turvy sense as it’s plummeting down to the streets below.”

The pre-order map will be available from multiple outlets in the US. European console gamers face a one-store exclusive policy in each territory though, with Game being the only option for UK gamers. Tease yourself with a trailer after the break and decide if you want to put your money with the big purple one. Continue reading Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Fall Map is a GAME Exclusive