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Tales of Zestiria Review – Needs more ‘Zest’

There was a time when Japanese RPGs were big news on consoles with regular updates from the likes of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. There have been slim pickings over the last few years though. Instead, we’ve seen RPG elements creep into more action-orientated games. 2015 has been no different, with the great (Witcher III) and poor (Mad Max) alike bumping their games past the 40 hour mark with skill trees and lengthy upgrade systems.

But what about something unmistakably ‘Japanese’? With the Final Fantasy series going online with XIV or still being miles off (XV), it’s once again up to Bandai Namco and the Tales series to bring fans a slice of old-school goodness. Continue reading Tales of Zestiria Review – Needs more ‘Zest’

Tales of Zestiria gets combat-packed trailer

Tales of Zestiria isn’t far away now, and this new trailer is packed with battle scenes. The Tales of games are more action-orientated than most JRPGs, but they’re far from simple. Once you get rolling though, the fluid moves are a lot of fun, as I found when reviewing Tales of Xillia.

It’s great to see a trailer show so much gameplay, instead of random story points that have no meaning without the context (like most JRPG trailers). Take a look, and if you like what you see, how about one of these cheap Tales of Zestiria PS3 or PS4 preorders? Continue reading Tales of Zestiria gets combat-packed trailer