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Could all be forgiven with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5?

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is finally an official thing! Activision have just announced that Robomundo and Disruptive Games will be teaming up once again after their work on previous entries, Ride, Shred and the HD remaster of the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Obviously, we have a few reservations seeing as Shred and Ride (the ones with the criminally awful skateboard peripheral) were terrible games that effectively killed off the brand. Even their HD port of the original Pro Skater was rougher than we hoped. Continue reading Could all be forgiven with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5?

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (Review)

Grimlock deserves better

It’s always amused me just how much people hate Michael Bay. I mean, it’s a film about toys. Of course it’s just robots hitting each other and stuff exploding. Don’t like it? Well stop paying a fortune to watch it at the cinema thus encouraging him to make more. Seriously, I had to delete one person from facebook because they were complaining about how awful the film was despite them paying to watch it twice.

Personally, as an effects fan, I quite like the films (not seen the new one yet though), but wish they were about 45 minutes shorter. I approached the latest tie-in game with low expectations, but with a willingness to be pleasantly surprised, despite High Moon Studios -whose Cybertron series has been widely praised by critics and fans alike- not being at the helm. Fingers crossed they get to work on a brand new entry to the series once they’re done with helping out on COD: Advanced Warfare.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Fall Map is a GAME Exclusive

“Look, We’re Knocking Down Skyscrapers Too!”

That’s what this trailer for the Free Fall pre-order DLC incentive seems to be shouting, as Activision try to muscle in on Battlefield 4’s key multiplayer feature, massively changing environments in multiplayer maps. To be fair, Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new map looks like a hell of a lot of fun too.

Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin, is pretty excited about the new map: “It [the new map] introduces our new mechanic, dynamic maps – this idea of bringing that sort of cinematic single player experience to multiplayer. You’re playing in a building that is falling over and is wedged between two other buildings. The floor you’re on is actually the glass windows from the side of the building so you see this world in a very topsy-turvy sense as it’s plummeting down to the streets below.”

The pre-order map will be available from multiple outlets in the US. European console gamers face a one-store exclusive policy in each territory though, with Game being the only option for UK gamers. Tease yourself with a trailer after the break and decide if you want to put your money with the big purple one. Continue reading Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Fall Map is a GAME Exclusive

Call of Duty: Ghosts Coming to Wii U

Other Activision IPs Coming Too

The Wii U has been thrown something of a lifeline by Activision. The likes of EA and Warner Bros may be losing faith in the console, but the recently self-bought company has pledged their support to Nintendo’s machine by confirming the year’s biggest shooter, Call of Duty: Ghosts will be coming to the Wii U in addition to other current and next-gen machines.

The Wii U will also be getting another five Activision titles this year, the most noteworthy of which is the next installment in the Skylanders franchise, Swap Force. Angry Birds Trilogy, Angry Birds Star Wars, SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge and Wipeout Create and Crash (based on the TV show rather than Sony’s anti-grav racer) are also on the release slate. Continue reading Call of Duty: Ghosts Coming to Wii U

Deadpool (Review)

The spandex-sporting shooty, slicy, shouty scamp

The superhero barrel gets another scraping for yet another video game tie-in. This time, for Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth, Deadpool. The dude hasn’t even had a movie yet. But hey, that might work in his favour.

Newcomers to Deadpool’s universe should know that he’s known as a character that frequently breaks the fourth wall in comics. Essentially, he knows he’s a comic book character even though everyone else in the Marvel Universe has no idea. This allows him to constantly talk to the readers and share jokes with them, often at the bewilderment of the likes of Wolverine who can’t fathom why he’s so laid-back all the time (he’s already skimmed through the script of this game for example). Continue reading Deadpool (Review)

Underwater Stage and Riley the COD Dog Gameplay Debuted for Call of Duty: Ghosts

The live gameplay reveal for Call of Duty: Ghosts has just been shown giving gamers an early look at what the press are going to see at E3 in a few days’ time.

The demo begins with an underwater section that resembles many of the stealthy follow missions in previous Call of Duty games. You follow your AI partner around some highly detailed reefs, populated by schools of fish and apparently not-that-hungry sharks. The demo was running on ‘next-gen hardware’ but some of the finer detail was lost due to the live stream nature of the feed. We’re sure a shiny HD version of the demo will emerge over the next few days though.

After another bit of stage chatter, we finally get to see the COD Dog in action, or should I say, Riley. Infinity Ward have named the canine after his namesake in a few previous Call of Duty titles. I know, I thought  they were going to go for Price too when they mentioned pleasing fans.

Riley looks awesome though, and we’ll be able to directly control him. This is reasoned-out by him having a pop-up camera mounted on his back and vibrating sensors behind each ear telling him which direction to move in. The German shepherd can be sent to silently dispatch lone targets. Well, silent apart from their terrified screams.

Commands can also be issued, but this may be something the AI takes care of. Upon cracking the glass in a window, the AI partner simply says ‘search’ and Riley smashes through, alarming a group of guards inside before the door suddenly explodes in slow-motion with one enemy soldier flailing to stop Riley eating his face and the others barely even noticing your presence in what appears to be Ghost’s version of a ‘breach’ assault.

The demonstration closes with an impression of the E3 arena’s 120-foot screen showing a montage. Sadly, this looks very thin on your laptop or TV as they try to cram in the whole image.

Just in case you missed the presentation on your Machinima App on your Xbox 360 because it crashed (well worth £30 a year, Microsoft), here’s a link to the replay on the Call of Duty site. Just skip the 30-minute countdown to get to the presentation. We’ll bring you a YouTube link as soon as possible.

It may only be a glimpse, but we’re looking forward to the November 5th release date already.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Review)

I should begin this review with a public warning announcement. This Walking Dead game has nothing to do with the multiple award-winning downloadable series The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. Whereas that game was based on the comics, this is based on the AMC TV series and is a first-person action game.

Seeing as the critically acclaimed one that features multiple story choices and plays more likeHeavy Rain than Dead Island has just been released at retail too (review incoming), we wouldn’t want you to pick this one up by mistake.

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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Launch Trailer

Activision won’t be sending us a review code and from the game’s current 36% rating on Metacritic we can see why they may not be so keen to hand us the knife. So at the moment, it’s looking like a curious rental is about all the encouragement we’re able to muster for the game, which is probably how we’re going to bring your a review at a later date too.

Remember, this game has nothing to do with the Telltale Games titles that picked up numerous GOTY awards last year. This is strictly based on the TV show rather than the comics. You control Daryl in the events before the show started as he’s looking for his racist arsehole of a brother. Great, so we know the ending already, right?

Check out the trailer after the jump to see the game in action. Daryl’s crossbow dominates the footage with lots of messy headshots to be seen. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is out now on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Continue reading The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Launch Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified (Review)

Nihilistic’s first Vita game, Resistance: Burning Skies, proved that first-person shooters were a suitable match for Sony’s dual-analogue sporting handheld. Admittedly, the game was a bit basic, a bit ugly and rough around the edges, but compared to using the face buttons instead of a second analogue stick like we were forced to on the PSP, it handled like a dream.

On learning that they’d be handling the Vita’s first Call of Duty title though, I was a little concerned as I thought development would go to someone with a more impressive CV. But hey, I was probably worried when Sony gave a little known studio called Ready at Dawn the reigns to create aGod of War PSP game and they utterly nailed it.

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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (Review)

Join Brian and Stewie in their dimension-hoping adventure as they use the Multiverse remote to stop Bertram, Stewie’s evil half-brother, who plans to use his own remote to build an army and destroy the Quahog duo’s Universe.

This gives the game a chance to provide a wide range of settings. From Amish farms, Santa’s weapon workshop with inbred elves, to a world populated by the handicapped and so on. Bertram has convinced everyone in these universes that you must be killed, so in turn you’re shooting pretty much everyone in sight. Be they Amish farmers, jocks, cripples on crutches or small homicidal alien chickens.

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Black Ops II Patch 1.03 Released on PS3

Rise and shine soldiers, Activision have dispatched a patch for your PS3 copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Patch 1.03 is aiming to fix the game freezes and connection issues many gamers have been experiencing.

As I mentioned in my review yesterday, I was managing to get into multiplayer matches without issue after struggling for the first half hour at some point on launch day. Zombies mode however greeted me with regular freezes, making it practically impossible to play.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Review)

Subtle is never a word I thought I’d use to describe any element of a Call of Duty game, but the pre-title cutscene that paints a picture of how Black Ops II’s villain was formed is beautifully put together, in no short thanks to an excellent song choice with Elbow’s ‘The Night Will Always Win.’

The emotional reactions from most COD moments are usually sudden violence, be it first-person execution, slowly dying in a nuclear blast, the death of a child and so on, it’s never had anything like this. After this strangely heartfelt and sympathetic opening, subtlety kind of goes out of the window as it’s all slit throats and shotguns to the knees for the other scenes. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. After all, we’re here to blow shit up.

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The Sunday Seven: Reasons to Buy Black Ops II

We’re sure most of you are planning on picking up Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Tuesday. If you’re still on the fence though, we think you should take a look at our new Sunday Seven feature that gives you our Top Seven reasons to buy the game. Even if you already have your pre-order down, take a look and join in the excitement for the year’s biggest shooter. Don’t forget to sound off in the comments section with your own reasons for or against the game too.

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Goldeneye: Reloaded (Review)

Bond is back, but not as you may remember him. This is the HD version of the Wii remake of the N64 classic. Being a remake, it’s essentially a brand new game. A few nostalgic multiplayer maps return, but otherwise, this is all new and certainly worth your time.

Daniel Craig has replaced Pierce Brosnan, but sadly hasn’t borrowed any of his gadgets. The ace PS2 days of gadget love have been replaced with scanning stuff with your phone. It’s synonymous with the dull Bond that Craig bores audiences with as his beefcake poor man’s Bourne.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Review)

After Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward seemed to be in deep trouble. An overly public spat with Activision led to the loss of numerous staff, leaving the studio’s fate in the balance. Even during development of this game, they’ve had to put up with heckling from the suddenly very cocky Battlefield brand.

They have stepped up in spectacular fashion though. With reinforcements acquired in the form of Sledgehammer Games, they’ve brought us a stunning example of hi-octane warfare yet again. It’s loud, it’s brash and a little bit insane. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Goldeneye: Reloaded (Latest Hands-on Preview)

It would be a shame if this gets lost in the Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 storm, as it’s a hell of a lot of fun. It might just be the perfect tonic to military shooter fatigue.

The aiming still feels a little loose, as I noted with my Gamescom preview, but the game plays quite well forgoing iron-sight aiming and just blasting through. There is a large amount of auto-aim when you pull up your sights and watch as they pull across the screen to the nearest enemy. As with most titles though I’m sure you’ll be able to tone down the sensitivity and turn off any auto-aim functions so you can maintain control.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Review)

The game that has been looming over the Christmas release schedule is finally here, after most of the competition has fled for a release early next year, leaving you plenty of time to clean up online.

The first Modern Warfare wowed shooter fans with its gripping story scenes and peerless multiplayer, and you should prepare to feel the love again. There are a few flaws in the single player game but they’ll fade into memory soon enough as the multiplayer experience dominates Modern Warfare 2. Continue reading Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Review)