The Lego Movie Videogame Trailer

While going to the cinema to see the movie will raise some eyebrows unless you have children, buying this is fine. Rock you inner man-child’s world by picking up the latest Lego game in February. The game ties in with the odd looking film which seems to be some sort of crime caper with new characters, but with the likes of Batman and other DC-types popping in to help out every now and then.

To be honest, we’ve no idea what’s going on in this latest trailer, but as Lego City Undercover showed, Traveller’s Tales don’t need to rely on a classic film/comic license to bring us a quality adventure. They know damn well by now we just want to collect shiny things. Speaking of shiny things, why not pick up the PS4/Xbone version of Lego Marvel Super Heroes for £29.99 with our deal. Enjoy the Lego Movie Videogame trailer after the break.

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