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When Vikings Attack (Review)

Picking a simple premise for a game can be enough to make the most basic of efforts entertaining for hours. Just look at Angry Birds, Plants Vs Zombies or Calling All Cars – the latter being the best PSN game you’ve never played.

When Vikings Attack comes at us with its own simple mechanics aiming to be easy to pick up for the masses. Throw in multiplayer, cross-play with the Vita and extra characters to unlock and it’s clear that the developers think the game has a shot. These ambitions spiked my interest and after five minutes, I thought this could work. Sadly, after 15 minutes, it got boring. Half an hour later and it felt like all possibilities of enjoyment were driven from my very soul.

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Silent Hill: Downpour Patched, Seven Months After Release

A brisk seven months after lurching onto consoles, Silent Hill: Downpour is finally getting a badly needed patch. While PS3 gamers will have to wait a few weeks, 360 players are able to download the patch now.

Click through to read what Konami have fixed.

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LittleBigPlanet Karting Gets A Story Trailer

The latest trailer for LittleBigPlanet Karting gives us a glimpse into the story thanks to a bit of narration from one Stephen Fry. There’s plenty of gameplay on show too, which might get you interested in the new kart racer coming from United Front Games, the studio behind ModNation Racers. Check out Matt’s hands-on preview while you’re here.

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Joe Danger 2 Dated and Priced for PSN

Well Microsoft, you didn’t manage to keep that as an exclusive for very long did you? We’re delighted to tell you that Joe Danger 2: The Movie will be coming home to PSN next week on October 10th.

The PS3 version will be coming packed with exclusive content too which will make up for the wait hopefully. Essentially, we’re getting something of a Director’s Cut or something Sean Murray and the Hello Games team have referred to as Joe Danger Gaiden when speaking to the EU PS Blog. Essentially this is the bastard-hard version of the original game deemed too harsh for mass consumption at the time and will last at least ten hours.

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New Far Cry 3 Savages Trailer Increases ‘Want’ Factor

Two whole months to go until Far Cry 3 is released and each trailer just makes the wait even worse. This new video introduces us to Buck, an Aussie nutcase that we get the feeling may even turn out to be worse than Vaas. The action shows us more tantalising glimpses of the island from land, sea and air. With the environments looking as gorgeous as they are, we’re hoping the game will start a trend for not basing your game in industrial estates and office blocks. More trees, more beaches, more sun and definitely more tigers in everything from now on please. Continue reading New Far Cry 3 Savages Trailer Increases ‘Want’ Factor

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Release Dates Announced

Sony have been way too quiet about the latest Sly Cooper game, but at least some release dates have been squeezed out of them. America will get the game February 5th, while Europe will have to settle for a vague ‘March’ date. Cheers.

We’d like to say that at least the game won’t get lost amidst all the Christmas releases, but so many big titles are going for that tactic now that we’re getting a second glut of games spilling over into the first quarter of 2013.

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Killzone HD Coming to EU PSN in October

Any self-respecting PS3 FPS fan should already own the last two games so they’ll be glad to hear they don’t have to fork out for the upcoming Killzone Trilogy boxset to play Killzone HD. October 24th will see the first game’s HD makeover hit the European PSN store for £11.99.

Providing 720p visuals and running at 30fps the game will also feature shaper textures. The sound effects have also been given a polish, meaning the weapon fire will tear your room to pieces. The weapons were so much better in the first game thanks to them all featuring secondary fire. The pick of the bunch being the standard Helghast assault rifle that had a single shotgun round, perfect for finishing off Killzone’s notorious bullet sponge enemies. I just can’t wait to get on the giant mounted turret that’s so angry it carries on firing for a few seconds after you’ve released the trigger.

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Dust 514 (Hands-On Preview)

How do you take on the mighty big guns of Call of Duty or Battlefield? Giving your game away for free isn’t a bad place to start. We’ve seen the free-to-play market really boom this year, a trend further enforced by the large presence of many free-to-play titles at this years’ Gamescom Expo in Germany.

To be honest though, those hungering for ‘proper’ games haven’t had anything to match the core experience offered by bigger premium games. CCP would like to change that attitude though with their new PS3 title, Dust 514, an MMO first-person shooter.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Revealed

Disappointed about Lightning’s backseat role in FFXIII-2? Us too, but fear not, as Square-Enix has just announced a new title for the PS3 and 360, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Set to be the final entry in the FFXIII series, the game will take place over four large open-world islands on the world of Novus Partus. The Paradigm battle system remains but we will be able to move Lightning around the battlefield and swap weapons. That sounds like quite a big departure from the norm, but the combat in the last two games certainly needed a little more player input.

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Raiden Slices Up The Competition In PlayStation All-Stars

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance star, Raiden has been added to the upcoming multiplayer brawler, SuperSmash PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. He’s the latest third-party All-Star to be added to the ranks and it looks like he’s not going to make Sackboy’s life any easier thanks to him packing some deadly blade attacks.

I raised some concerns with my Gamescom Hands-On Preview that characters with swords seemed to significantly out-balance everyone else in the game and this video shows Raiden going along with that theory nicely. Hot damn he’s looking pretty badass though. With his Special attacks displaying killer moves like spinning heel blades, a stun attack slice-fest and a merciless charge on competitors trying to hide in cardboard boxes.

Other recent inclusions that you may have missed are Nariko (Heavenly Sword), Evil Cole (inFamous) and Sir. Daniel (MediEvil). But will any of them be able to stand up against the seemingly unbeatable Kratos?

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PSN Roundup: Store Update June 29th

The DLC Sale is the biggest highlight this week with some tasty reductions to content from Borderlands, Mafia II, GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption. Demos include Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, Gatling Gears, Star Raider, Homefront multiplayer and MotorStorm: Apocalypse. If you still have your PlayStation Plus subscription going or you bought Infamous 2 you’ll be glad to know that the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer beta is now live. I’ll presume you’ve just dashed off for that right away.

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Sony: “Sorcery Is Still In Development”

Missing PlayStation Move title pulls re-appearing act

Good news everyone, the promising PlayStation Move title, Sorcery, is still in development despite disappearing from our radars for almost a year. Hugo Bustillos, Sony’s UK PR Executive today confirmed to us: “Yes, Sorcery is still in development.”

There are no details on a release date as of yet, we imagine there’s still some time to go. The last sign of life we had from the developer, The Workshop, was a job listing at Game Guzzler for a UI (User Interface) Artist, posted back in May this year.

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Rainbow Moon: First Screenshots

After teasing fans on facebook for the last couple of days, Eastasiasoft and SideQuest Studios have finally released a batch of screens for their upcoming PS3 strategy RPG title, Rainbow Moon. A genre usually relegated to the PSP or DS looks set to come back in gorgeous fashion to the console market. No blocky sprites here, just wonderfully smooth and vibrant hand drawn-style visuals. There are no solid gameplay details to report as of yet, but we’re sure it will be different to the studios usual output of the Soldner-X side-scrolling shooter games. Expect a release towards the end of 2011.

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Binary Domain | First Gameplay Trailer

After revealing the game with a cinematic trailer last December, Sega have finally given us a look at actual gameplay footage for Binary Domain. Now that we’ve seen the game in action, we have to say we’re much more interested. Well, as interested as we can be considering the game won’t be here until 2012 and it’s not called Bioshock 2.

This sci-fi third-person shooter favours a more sedate (no rocket-assisted power-sliding to cover) angle than last year’s 9/10 scoring Vanquish. It shares the all-grey look though. The cover-based shooter looks to be supported by vehicle sections and hopefully some co-op action as you look to be a part of a four-strong squad.

So what will we be blasting to bits come 2012? Cyborg robots, naturally. Red-eyed, self-aware robots. Initially created for service, a sinister corporation gave them a few firmware upgrades including ego and emotion so they could be slyly integrated into powerful positions within society. We’re presuming that bit them on the arse pretty sharpish. Android drones will be supported by larger mechs and if Sega know what’s good for them, some really, really big ones. Hint: just make Vanquish 2 please.

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Trailer: Microbot First Look

EA have announced a new retro-style shooter for PSN and XBLA. You’ll be controlling a tiny ship about the size of a blood cell, inside the human body. The MicroBot’s purpose is to eradicate diseases at a cellular level by shooting the hell out of them. Drop in/drop out co-op will also be included. We’re even more excited because it reminds us of one of our favourite 80s movies, Inner Space, which in turn went on to inspire episodes of Family Guy and Futurama.  You’ll have to wait until winter 2011 to get your hands on it, but check out the latter part of this trailer to catch a glimpse of the gameplay and strangely calming graphics.

PSN Roundup: Store Update 13th October 2010 – The return of 2D Sonic, messing with The Force and reduced murder!

This is it folks, Sonic 4 is finally here and in glorious 2D, surely this is gonna be awesome? We’ll have a review for you soon. There’s more too: Dead Space Ignition is a mini-game/comic hybrid to help build up some momentum before Dead Space 2, the new demo for The Force Unleashed II should be thundering down your broadband pipe soon enough and WRC fans can now buy the deadly Group B cars too, those trees won’t know what hit ‘em.

Special Offers

Blue Toad Murder Files 4-6 has a much more respectable price now at £4.79 as does Section 8 at £9.99. Metal Gear Solid -Portable Ops might well be worth a cheeky punt at just over a fiver too. We’re not entirely surprised to see Blade Kitten get reduced so soon because, well, it’s a bit crap. Download the demo and see for yourself.

(Prices available until the 27th of October)

  • Topatoi: The Great Tree Story (was £4.79, now £2.39)
  • Topatoi Bundle (Contains full game, Pillar of Skies and Arcade Style Packs) (£7.99, now £4.79)
  • Blue Toad Murder Files – Episodes 4-6 (was £9.99, now £4.99)
  • Smash Cars – Virus Run (was £2.39, now £0.79)
  • Hyperballoid – Original World Pack (was £1.59, now £1.25)
  • Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops (PSP) (was £8.79, now £5.19)
  • Disney’s Tarzan (PSone) (was £3.99, now £3.19)

Permanent Price Reductions