Killzone HD Coming to EU PSN in October

Any self-respecting PS3 FPS fan should already own the last two games so they’ll be glad to hear they don’t have to fork out for the upcoming Killzone Trilogy boxset to play Killzone HD. October 24th will see the first game’s HD makeover hit the European PSN store for £11.99.

Providing 720p visuals and running at 30fps the game will also feature shaper textures. The sound effects have also been given a polish, meaning the weapon fire will tear your room to pieces. The weapons were so much better in the first game thanks to them all featuring secondary fire. The pick of the bunch being the standard Helghast assault rifle that had a single shotgun round, perfect for finishing off Killzone’s notorious bullet sponge enemies. I just can’t wait to get on the giant mounted turret that’s so angry it carries on firing for a few seconds after you’ve released the trigger.

Gameplay is refreshing throughout as you control four very different soldiers instead of one boring Mohawk with a gun. The story is also very strong thanks to some well-written characters. Rico’s still a massive twat though.

The original game was hyped to within an inch of its life, but the production values back on PS2 were staggering so we can’t wait to see how the game will look on our PS3s. Sadly, there won’t be any online multiplayer or Move support, but Trophies have been put in. Check out the full Trophy list on the PS Blog, but beware of a few spoilers.


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