Binary Domain | First Gameplay Trailer

After revealing the game with a cinematic trailer last December, Sega have finally given us a look at actual gameplay footage for Binary Domain. Now that we’ve seen the game in action, we have to say we’re much more interested. Well, as interested as we can be considering the game won’t be here until 2012 and it’s not called Bioshock 2.

This sci-fi third-person shooter favours a more sedate (no rocket-assisted power-sliding to cover) angle than last year’s 9/10 scoring Vanquish. It shares the all-grey look though. The cover-based shooter looks to be supported by vehicle sections and hopefully some co-op action as you look to be a part of a four-strong squad.

So what will we be blasting to bits come 2012? Cyborg robots, naturally. Red-eyed, self-aware robots. Initially created for service, a sinister corporation gave them a few firmware upgrades including ego and emotion so they could be slyly integrated into powerful positions within society. We’re presuming that bit them on the arse pretty sharpish. Android drones will be supported by larger mechs and if Sega know what’s good for them, some really, really big ones. Hint: just make Vanquish 2 please.

The game’s producer, Toshihiro Nagoshi (of Super Monkey Ball and Yakuza fame) recently revealed the game is set in Tokyo in the year 2080, and is being worked on by Sega’s in-house Yakuza team, which is why the cutscene character models look a familiar standard of awesome.

Nagoshi has also mentioned that they want to create some of the best AI around to clearly show how dangerous the robots are compared to the humans. As long as that doesn’t mean your human AI controlled team-mates will be spam-brained idiots to make the AI enemy look smarter, we’re all up for that. And maybe a splash of red and green to the colour palette too.

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