Sony: “Sorcery Is Still In Development”

Missing PlayStation Move title pulls re-appearing act

Good news everyone, the promising PlayStation Move title, Sorcery, is still in development despite disappearing from our radars for almost a year. Hugo Bustillos, Sony’s UK PR Executive today confirmed to us: “Yes, Sorcery is still in development.”

There are no details on a release date as of yet, we imagine there’s still some time to go. The last sign of life we had from the developer, The Workshop, was a job listing at Game Guzzler for a UI (User Interface) Artist, posted back in May this year.

Sony’s confirmation comes as a relief and a surprise. Usually, when you see nothing from a game in almost a year it means it has probably been canned. Hell, Activision cancelled True Crime: Hong Kong about a month before it was due to be released. They’re still carrying on with the half-assed Spider-Man and Tony Hawk’s game though.

At last year’s summer expos, Sorcery was one of the most well received PlayStation move titles as it wasn’t a mini-game collection or an existing game with motion-controls poorly forced in. This third-person adventure title looks to use the often-ignored navigation controller to move around and intuitive movements with the motion controller to cast spells and drink potions, instantly doing a better job than any of the Harry Potter Wii titles.

We began to wonder about the game when Sony showed off the new Move title, Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest at this year’s E3. It looked quite similar to Sorcery, prompting thoughts that the new title from Zindagi Games had absorbed The Workshop’s title. Now we know that’s not the case.

Hopefully we’ll have some new images for Sorcery for you soon. We might even see a bit of a change in the art direction and tone as that is rumoured to be one of the reasons for the delay. It looked a bit middle-ground last time, not as cute as Medieval Moves, but not as violent as say, Dragon Age. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as the ‘older children’ market is woefully under-nourished. Although, with the Harry Potter films coming to a close, and wizardry shenanigans on the wane, we hope Sorcery hasn’t missed its chance by the time it goes to market. With any luck, it will be on show at Gamescom in August and we’ll be able to bring you all the latest information.

22 thoughts on “Sony: “Sorcery Is Still In Development””

  1. “or an existing game with motion-controls poorly forced in”

    Talk about BS. Many games implement Move well; just b/c you can’t handle the controls, doesn’t mean it sucks.

    Go back to your Kinect, circle jerking fest, with your 360 bros. Enjoy your DISNEYLAND crap, you f@g.

    1. Well fun buns who pissed on your chips? Sure there are some good implementations (Killzone 3) but there are plenty of crap examples (Virtua Tennis 4).

      I don’t have a Kinect by the way. Good luck with your…issues, kiddo.

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