Silent Hill: Downpour Patched, Seven Months After Release

A brisk seven months after lurching onto consoles, Silent Hill: Downpour is finally getting a badly needed patch. While PS3 gamers will have to wait a few weeks, 360 players are able to download the patch now.

Click through to read what Konami have fixed.

Konami told CVG that the patch fixes major issues like save system issues and the poor frame-rate. A bug in the ‘Homeless’ side-quest has also been eradicated.

The frame-rate was absolutely appalling when the game was originally released, as I noted in my 6/10 review. “Technically the game struggles to exist, despite a hefty install size. The frame-rate frequently stops when you turn around, only catching up when you’ve already turned 180 degrees for example. It’s visually jarring and immersion breaking. Even autosaves and Trophy notifications seem to halt the game for a few seconds. Load times are irritatingly long too.”

Konami mention that “Several other performance enhancements/bug fixes” are also included in the patch too which hopefully will address some of the issues I had with the game.

To be honest though, Konami have left this way too late. These are issues that should have been addressed immediately as this already very average game needed all the help it could get on release. On the plus side, it’s fairly cheap now if you fancy giving it a chance. As I said in my review, it’s still better than Amy.

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