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You may still be able to download Silent Hills P.T. despite its removal from PSN

The P.T. Silent Hills teaser demo has now been deleted from PSN stores worldwide. Already, we’ve seen a few cheeky gamers put their PS4s with the demo installed on eBay for prices upwards of £1000. And who can blame them? Many people made quite a bit of money by doing the very same thing with their mobile phones when Flappy Bird was originally taken offline. We don’t think P.T. will be coming back though. However, there is a chance that you can still download it.

Many of us download any freebie we can get our hands on. And PlayStation + subscribers may certainly have a full hard-drive by now. Chances are you downloaded P.T. at launch, then deleted it before you got time to play it in order to free up some space or just generally tidy up your PS4’s dashboard. Well, you’re in luck if you still want to play P.T. and sample what we’re all going to be missing out on since the cancellation of Silent Hills. Continue reading You may still be able to download Silent Hills P.T. despite its removal from PSN

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Trailer Ups the Drama

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is looking to end the Lords of Shadow saga in style early next year. Although, if you’re yet to play any of the series, I’d advise staying away from this trailer as it gives away the endings for the first game and Mirrors of Fate. Speaking of Mirrors of Fate, which was originally a 3DS game, I’ll have a review of the HD remake for you later on today. While you’re waiting, check out my recent hands-on preview of Lords of Shadow 2. Continue reading Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Trailer Ups the Drama

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (Hands-On Preview)

First things first. This hands-on report will be spoiler-free regarding the first game. I’m currently playing that one through (I know, I’m late) and several previews for the new game have blown the first game’s ending. I don’t want to do the same if you’re yet to play Lords of Shadow. So read this, then get on it, you don’t want to get left behind again.

The word on the wire is that this concluding part of the Lords of Shadow saga is going to be a more open world affair. That’s not on display here though as this is more of an introduction. Don’t worry; it’s much more exciting than it sounds. There’s a massive, Holy Transformer thing for starters! But more on that later.

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Silent Hill: Downpour Patched, Seven Months After Release

A brisk seven months after lurching onto consoles, Silent Hill: Downpour is finally getting a badly needed patch. While PS3 gamers will have to wait a few weeks, 360 players are able to download the patch now.

Click through to read what Konami have fixed.

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Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Screenshots: Heinous

Oh dear. Just…oh god. Silent Hill you used to be terrifying for all the right reasons, now you’re just assaulting my eyes with some of the worst graphics we’ve ever seen on the Vita. We tried giving them the benefit of the doubt by saying it might be a downloadable title, but alas, this is a retail title.

The camera viewpoint points towards a Diablo-esque game, but presumably with unresponsive combat and more enemies that look like inside-out genitalia. The addition of multiplayer to this take on the series could be something of a winner though. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed this plays better than it looks.

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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Trailer Sneaks In

It’s Metal Gear, so forget any notions of a twenty second teaser video, here’s nearly 11 minutes to shove your face into. You’ll get to see cutscenes and a bit of gameplay too. The FOX Engine is looking pretty damn good as we see snake infiltrate a base in a rainy night. Nobody seems to have told Konami that this generation’s hardware is on its last legs.

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Silent Hill HD Collection (Review)

They always say you should never go back. And considering the gruesome nightmares of the body and mind that the Silent Hill tourist board have been selling for years, perhaps we should heed the old adage. Against our better judgment though, we’re going to go and poke its festering corpse with an HD stick.

There have been plenty of HD re-releases of late and the majority of them have been awesome.God of WarMetal Gear Solid and Sly Raccoon are still fantastic games to play. Silent Hill may prove to be a rotten horse flaying too far though.

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Silent Hill: Downpour (Review)

Survival Horror has been a festering corpse for a while now. Resident Evil and Dead Space have mutated in shooting games with limited ammo and we’re left with the Silent Hill series that’s been struggling since SH3. Nowadays we have Demon’s Souls (ish) and Amy, the later being my frontrunner for worst game of the year.

I’m all for giving Silent Hill: Downpour a shot as it has to be better than SH: Homecoming at least. And I’m glad to say it is. Thankfully, the new developers, Vatra have at least played Alan Wake, one of the rare gems the genre has produced in recent times. Hold it; I should probably put a hold on the semi-optimistic slant this review was heading. This game’s no Alan Wake beater, just so you know.

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No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise (Review)

This is what we’d like to see more of, good Wii games in HD, instead of violating our beloved HD screens with scart leads. The series has already had its second game on the Wii, but this is just the first game polished up. So don’t fret if you’re new to it, but perhaps feel a bit annoyed they didn’t put both titles on one disc for the asking price.

The story in this bizarre beat em’ up is one of an assassin named Travis Touchdown (see how close they came to making Travis a cool name?). Not happy with always being strapped for cash, Travis decides to take out the Top 10 ranked assassins to become the new number one and score with a hot French chick. Kill Bill, meets Highlander with Suda 51 refereeing if you will.

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Rocket Knight (Review)

Within the first minute of playing Rocket Knight I knew this was going to be a killer title. Right from the off you’ll know how to play this game just on instinct, everything just flows so naturally.

Rocket Knight acts as a sequel to the Mega-Drive game, taking place 15 years later. While the visuals have moved with the times, the core gameplay respects the classic side-scrolling 2D platformer model. Continue reading Rocket Knight (Review)