You may still be able to download Silent Hills P.T. despite its removal from PSN

The P.T. Silent Hills teaser demo has now been deleted from PSN stores worldwide. Already, we’ve seen a few cheeky gamers put their PS4s with the demo installed on eBay for prices upwards of £1000. And who can blame them? Many people made quite a bit of money by doing the very same thing with their mobile phones when Flappy Bird was originally taken offline. We don’t think P.T. will be coming back though. However, there is a chance that you can still download it.

Many of us download any freebie we can get our hands on. And PlayStation + subscribers may certainly have a full hard-drive by now. Chances are you downloaded P.T. at launch, then deleted it before you got time to play it in order to free up some space or just generally tidy up your PS4’s dashboard. Well, you’re in luck if you still want to play P.T. and sample what we’re all going to be missing out on since the cancellation of Silent Hills.

You won’t be able to find it on the PSN store. Instead on your PS4’s main menu, scroll to the far right until you find your library menu. Here you will find links to every game, app or demo you have ever downloaded. Despite P.T.’s deletion from the store, the icon is still selectable here. Select it and you will be given the option to download. Soon after, the game will be back on your hard-drive.

This might not help everyone, as you need to access it from a PS4 that originally downloaded P.T. in the past. Another option may be visiting a friend who had it at one point. Titles from the library stay in your list forever, there’s no option to remove anything, so if they’ve ever had it, the option to redownload it will still be there. Sounds better than splashing out £1000 for a demo for a game you’ll never get to play.

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