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Silent Hill HD Collection (Review)

They always say you should never go back. And considering the gruesome nightmares of the body and mind that the Silent Hill tourist board have been selling for years, perhaps we should heed the old adage. Against our better judgment though, we’re going to go and poke its festering corpse with an HD stick.

There have been plenty of HD re-releases of late and the majority of them have been awesome.God of WarMetal Gear Solid and Sly Raccoon are still fantastic games to play. Silent Hill may prove to be a rotten horse flaying too far though.

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Modern Combat: Domination (Review)

Don’t let the uninspired name put you off, this is a game worth the attention of any online FPS fan. The delightful price of £6.29 gets you five maps and six modes to enjoy that puts the likes of Blacklight: Tango Down to shame.

An old-school approach is taken in regards to your health, take damage and it stays. No health packs or regeneration makes for extra tense matches and balances things out nicely, especially if you manage to get a few shots into an opponent before you get taken down. When you do get killed it shows how much health and armour your killer has left. This works to annoy you further when you see they only had 7% left.

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