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The Phantom Pain Trailer Fools Nobody, Reveals Metal Gear Solid V

The video premier from the VGAs showing the debut trailer for the ‘new game’, The Phantom Pain, essentially outs the Metal Gear Solid V. The internet took no time in dissecting the trailer that’s packed with references to the Metal Gear series.

The protagonist crawling along the floor is clearly sporting an eye patch and bears a similar scar to the poster image for Snake in the upcoming Ground Zeroes game. But it’s the end of the trailer with various angled lines above the logo that can clearly be pencilled in to reveal a logo for Metal Gear Solid V.

The company apparently developing this new game, Moby Dick Studios, seems to be made up and their CEO is one Joakim Mogrim, a name that can be jumbled up to produce Kojima (MGS creator and director) and it also contains the name Ogre, a long-standing codename for Kojima’s next project.

The more we watch the trailer it looks increasingly likely we’re watching some sort of playable dream sequence. The giant flaming whale probably nudged us that way. Volgin from MGS3 shows up too.

What is more exciting though is the atmosphere built up during the trailer that is unlike any other Metal Gear game. There’s more of a survival horror vibe, which is an unlikely direction for the series, but nonetheless, we wouldn’t mind playing through something like this for part of the game.

Take a look at the trailer and gear yourself up (sorry, had to) for what could be something very special.

Thanks to the posters at NeoGaf for pointing out some of the MGS references.

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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Trailer Sneaks In

It’s Metal Gear, so forget any notions of a twenty second teaser video, here’s nearly 11 minutes to shove your face into. You’ll get to see cutscenes and a bit of gameplay too. The FOX Engine is looking pretty damn good as we see snake infiltrate a base in a rainy night. Nobody seems to have told Konami that this generation’s hardware is on its last legs.

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