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The Phantom Pain Trailer Fools Nobody, Reveals Metal Gear Solid V

The video premier from the VGAs showing the debut trailer for the ‘new game’, The Phantom Pain, essentially outs the Metal Gear Solid V. The internet took no time in dissecting the trailer that’s packed with references to the Metal Gear series.

The protagonist crawling along the floor is clearly sporting an eye patch and bears a similar scar to the poster image for Snake in the upcoming Ground Zeroes game. But it’s the end of the trailer with various angled lines above the logo that can clearly be pencilled in to reveal a logo for Metal Gear Solid V.

The company apparently developing this new game, Moby Dick Studios, seems to be made up and their CEO is one Joakim Mogrim, a name that can be jumbled up to produce Kojima (MGS creator and director) and it also contains the name Ogre, a long-standing codename for Kojima’s next project.

The more we watch the trailer it looks increasingly likely we’re watching some sort of playable dream sequence. The giant flaming whale probably nudged us that way. Volgin from MGS3 shows up too.

What is more exciting though is the atmosphere built up during the trailer that is unlike any other Metal Gear game. There’s more of a survival horror vibe, which is an unlikely direction for the series, but nonetheless, we wouldn’t mind playing through something like this for part of the game.

Take a look at the trailer and gear yourself up (sorry, had to) for what could be something very special.

Thanks to the posters at NeoGaf for pointing out some of the MGS references.

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Dark Souls II Announcement Trailer

Masochists, assemble! Dark Souls II has been announced at this year’s Spike VGAs. The previous game and Demon’s Souls are legendary for their unforgiving difficulty and we’re sure Dark Souls II will be just as much a big huge massive bastard to play.

This first trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but the mix of CGI and live action does paint a foreboding picture for the latest adventure. So, abandon all hope, stock up on despair and buy a very large swear jar.

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Explosions, Snow and Samurai in New Tomb Raider Trailer

Another VGA trailer for you of the mightily impressive-looking Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics. Half of the material is stuff we’ve already seen to be honest, but there are enough new elements to make it worth a watch.

It begins with Lara climbing a tall radio antenna on a snowy mountain, which seems to be a new location. There’s a lot of bow action too, it’s getting hard to see how far we’re expected to go along with the notion that we’re getting a new Lara who is going to be a more vulnerable character when she’s leaving such a huge body count behind her. Everyone has their breaking point I suppose.

Enjoy the trailer and look out for the quick glimpse of a bloody massive samurai. Don’t think an arrow to the kidneys is going to be enough for that guy.

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New Bioshock: Infinite Trailer from VGAs 2012

As per tradition, the Spike Video Game Awards came and went leaving us with a new collection of world premier trailers. Hopefully we won’t see one for Bioshock: Infinite the same time next year, as we’re pretty hopeful the game will be out by then. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

The latest footage shows Booker DeWitt meeting Elizabeth for the first time and you can see her with longer hair and different clothes than previously, possibly indicating a longer passage of time for the game’s events.

After that, there’s a large amount of gameplay footage of an extensive gunfight with some new enemy types to take on along with an appearance from a Handyman robot. Interestingly, the Handyman can be seen smashing an enemy airship before coming to fight you, which shows off the battle between Columbia’s two factions. It’s a shame that it appears that they both want you dead. Good thing you’re tooled up with tonics (i.e. plasmids) that send swarms of birds at your enemies and Elizabeth is providing backup by bringing you ammo. Apparently, you can use the Skyhook at a messy melee finisher too.

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The Last of Us Trailer Confirms Release Date

May 7th. That’s the date to officially drop everything for Naughty Dog’s next adventure. The date will technically be for the US release, but we’d expect the game to be out the following Friday in the UK, possibly beforehand as we’ve seen multiple mid-week releases over the last few months for bigger titles like Black Ops II and Resident Evil 6.

We have the new trailer from this year’s Spike VGAs for you after the break. There’s a mix of action and dialogue to digest with the introduction of a few supporting characters too. They seem to be friendlies compared to the usual bandits keen to rob and murder you.

Joel seems to be arguing with everyone and there seems to be tension building even with Ellie. You’ll also see glimpses of in-game footage of Joel taking on infected humans for the first time. We still want to see more, but it seems that a close-range shotgun blast to the face is a good place to start when taking them out.

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The Spike VGA 2012 Winners Are…

For those of you not willing to sit through another awful video games award ceremony with ‘hilarious’ humour and continuous disconnects from your live stream, we’ve compiled a handy list of all the winners from this year’s Spike VGAs show.

The ceremony is less about the awards to be honest, as gamers mainly see it as a platform for some juicy new trailers and this year was no different. We’ll bring you the best of those soon later on too.

There are quite a few surprises in the winners list, so let us know what you would have chosen instead or if you think there are some worthy winners in there.

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