New Bioshock: Infinite Trailer from VGAs 2012

As per tradition, the Spike Video Game Awards came and went leaving us with a new collection of world premier trailers. Hopefully we won’t see one for Bioshock: Infinite the same time next year, as we’re pretty hopeful the game will be out by then. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

The latest footage shows Booker DeWitt meeting Elizabeth for the first time and you can see her with longer hair and different clothes than previously, possibly indicating a longer passage of time for the game’s events.

After that, there’s a large amount of gameplay footage of an extensive gunfight with some new enemy types to take on along with an appearance from a Handyman robot. Interestingly, the Handyman can be seen smashing an enemy airship before coming to fight you, which shows off the battle between Columbia’s two factions. It’s a shame that it appears that they both want you dead. Good thing you’re tooled up with tonics (i.e. plasmids) that send swarms of birds at your enemies and Elizabeth is providing backup by bringing you ammo. Apparently, you can use the Skyhook at a messy melee finisher too.


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