Explosions, Snow and Samurai in New Tomb Raider Trailer

Another VGA trailer for you of the mightily impressive-looking Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics. Half of the material is stuff we’ve already seen to be honest, but there are enough new elements to make it worth a watch.

It begins with Lara climbing a tall radio antenna on a snowy mountain, which seems to be a new location. There’s a lot of bow action too, it’s getting hard to see how far we’re expected to go along with the notion that we’re getting a new Lara who is going to be a more vulnerable character when she’s leaving such a huge body count behind her. Everyone has their breaking point I suppose.

Enjoy the trailer and look out for the quick glimpse of a bloody massive samurai. Don’t think an arrow to the kidneys is going to be enough for that guy.

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