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New Dark Souls II Despair Trailer

Despair. Probably the most fitting word to be associated with the Dark Souls games. Namco released 12 minutes of gameplay footage earlier this week, but this is more of a cinematic, although there are a few in-game shots that show off the varied environments. They’re looking great, but will most of us even make it out of the first cave without being scarred for life? It looks like the game’s usual standards of collision detection are there too as you can see the player’s axe pass through a wall at one point (0:44). Why would you include that in a trailer? I don’t understand. Continue reading New Dark Souls II Despair Trailer

Dark Souls II Announcement Trailer

Masochists, assemble! Dark Souls II has been announced at this year’s Spike VGAs. The previous game and Demon’s Souls are legendary for their unforgiving difficulty and we’re sure Dark Souls II will be just as much a big huge massive bastard to play.

This first trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but the mix of CGI and live action does paint a foreboding picture for the latest adventure. So, abandon all hope, stock up on despair and buy a very large swear jar.

Continue reading Dark Souls II Announcement Trailer