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Dark Souls III won’t be the last game in the series

In startling news, it would appear From Software and Bandai Namco like money. That’s right, despite Dark Souls III still being in development, the game’s creator and From Software President, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has said that it won’t be the last game in the series. Continue reading Dark Souls III won’t be the last game in the series

Bloodborne has already sold 1 million copies

Bloodborne Review | Hunt. Die. Learn. Grow.

Sony have just confirmed that as of April 5th, Bloodborne has sold over one million copies. This is the number sold worldwide and marks a huge success for the Sony/From Software partnership as fans of the Dark Souls series, and probably a fair few new fans, have flocked to the game since its release just a few short weeks ago.

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios said: “Bloodborne was a new challenge for us, and our goal was to create a title that took full advantage of the power of PS4.” And also: “I am thrilled that so many users have been enjoying the extremely rich and detailed world, beautiful melancholic atmosphere and palpable tension of Bloodborne. [Sony] will continue to bring exciting software titles that offer entertainment experiences only possible on PS4.” Continue reading Bloodborne has already sold 1 million copies

Bloodborne (Hands-On Preview)

Chances are, you’re either a big fan of the Dark Souls series or you just can’t be doing with their brand of no-nonsense difficulty and downright unresponsive controls.

Me? I’m not a fan and haven’t been since I played the original Demon’s Souls. So why am I the one talking to you about Bloodborne, a game by the same devs and seen as a potential killer exclusive on the PS4 for fans of From Software’s series? Well, after trying out the recent Alpha, I’m thinking maybe Bloodborne will be worth a look after all and those of you that aren’t fans of the Souls games probably shouldn’t dismiss it so soon.

Continue reading Bloodborne (Hands-On Preview)

New Dark Souls II Despair Trailer

Despair. Probably the most fitting word to be associated with the Dark Souls games. Namco released 12 minutes of gameplay footage earlier this week, but this is more of a cinematic, although there are a few in-game shots that show off the varied environments. They’re looking great, but will most of us even make it out of the first cave without being scarred for life? It looks like the game’s usual standards of collision detection are there too as you can see the player’s axe pass through a wall at one point (0:44). Why would you include that in a trailer? I don’t understand. Continue reading New Dark Souls II Despair Trailer

Demon’s Souls (Review)

For many, Demon’s Souls will be like Marmite, with its love it or hate it appeal. That’d be fine except many gamers will be struggling to get the lid of the damn thing. This RPG game’s tutorial gives you a few weak enemies while going over the controls and just as you start to think ‘this isn’t so bad,’ a boss appears and kills you in one hit. Welcome to Demon’s Souls, meatbag.

In this dead Soul form, your health is greatly reduced and you’ll have to defeat a boss to get your body back. To avoid going insane, it’s best not to think of yourself as ‘dead’ in the traditional sense. You’ll be spending most of the game in this state, so just get on with it. Continue reading Demon’s Souls (Review)