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A Bloodborne convert plays Dark Souls III

Back in 2010 I had to review the original Demon’s Souls on PS3. We did not get along. While I appreciated it trying to stand out from the crowd with its bastard hard difficulty and measured approach, it wasn’t for me. There’s a fun to challenge ratio I find acceptable in games and the unresponsive combat and miserly checkpoints just didn’t sit personally.

By the time Dark Souls appeared, I was relieved to see another member of staff take it on instead. And that was the last I saw of the series until From Software released Bloodborne in the PS4. Our Souls-friendly staffer was yet to grab Sony’s new machine, so I found myself handling the beta and review. Then something strange happened, I started to like it. Continue reading A Bloodborne convert plays Dark Souls III

Bloodborne Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide Book (Review) – A light in the dark

Bloodborne Collector's Edition Strategy Guide Book Review - A light in the dark

If ever a PS4 game deserves its own extensive strategy guide, it’s Bloodborne. Sony’s PS4 exclusive by From Software has rapidly become the PS4’s most essential title, adored by fans of Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls series, as well as a fair few new fans, myself included.

I know what many of you are thinking, ‘why do I need a guide book, when the internet is out there?’ It’s a fair point and one impossible to ignore during this review. But having browsed multiple online wikis and read the weighty 550 pages of this guide with official information gathered from the devs themselves, it’s clear that this hardback guide is an essential purchase for fans of the game, whether they’re just getting started, looking for ways to finish off those last few bosses, master the incredible depths of the Chalice Dungeons or discover new weapons and how to use them. No stone is left unturned. Continue reading Bloodborne Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide Book (Review) – A light in the dark

Bloodborne’s new loading screens are a godsend

Hunter’s gather! Bloodborne is now even better thanks to today’s 1.03 patch. Despite it being all sunny outside, I was tasked with stapling the curtains shut and checking out the new patch’s performance. A surprisingly large 2.75GB download later and I was able to do just that. What I found not only improved the game, but made failure that little bit easier to bear.

The new loading times are indeed much improved, with most now twice as fast. Before the patch, I’d typically expect a wait of around 40 seconds after death or nipping back to the Hunter’s Dream for fast travel or to spend some Blood Echoes. Today, respawning after death was a brisk 17 seconds and multiple trips back and forth from the hub world were also about 17 seconds. The only time it was any longer was when choosing to fast-travel to a location far away from my last one. Continue reading Bloodborne’s new loading screens are a godsend

These 5 fun games will cure your Bloodborne rage

As much as we’re enjoying Bloodborne here at Dealspwn, there comes a time when we need a break. From Software’s game is extremely punishing as you know and it’s good sometimes to step back and play something else for a while to chill out and remember that not every game makes your blood boil or punishes slight slipups by snatching away all your progress from the last hour. So here’s a list of therapeutic games to play when the red mist builds up too much and you fear for your DualShock 4’s safety. Continue reading These 5 fun games will cure your Bloodborne rage

Bloodborne has already sold 1 million copies

Bloodborne Review | Hunt. Die. Learn. Grow.

Sony have just confirmed that as of April 5th, Bloodborne has sold over one million copies. This is the number sold worldwide and marks a huge success for the Sony/From Software partnership as fans of the Dark Souls series, and probably a fair few new fans, have flocked to the game since its release just a few short weeks ago.

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios said: “Bloodborne was a new challenge for us, and our goal was to create a title that took full advantage of the power of PS4.” And also: “I am thrilled that so many users have been enjoying the extremely rich and detailed world, beautiful melancholic atmosphere and palpable tension of Bloodborne. [Sony] will continue to bring exciting software titles that offer entertainment experiences only possible on PS4.” Continue reading Bloodborne has already sold 1 million copies

Bloodborne (Review) – Hunt. Die. Learn. Grow.

Bloodborne Review | Hunt. Die. Learn. Grow.

Weeks after my first night in Yharnam, it’s time for a verdict on my adventures in Bloodborne. Well, a number for the experience so far at least. Fresh tales about From Software’s new title are appearing online every day. This is a game that nobody can really claim to have mastered yet. Secrets are still being unearthed, much of the lore has yet to be agreed and rumours whisper through the net about everything from werewolf modes to hidden boss fights.

One thing’s for sure though, Sony has done very well for themselves by nailing Bloodborne down as a PS4 exclusive. As enjoyable as Infamous, DriveClub (eventually) and Killzone were, they never rode such a continuous wave of hype after release. Bloodborne’s appeal won’t be a surprise to fans of From Software’s Demon’s Souls or the Dark Souls series, but what is surprising, is that it’s pulling in people who aren’t fans of the Souls games. People like me. Continue reading Bloodborne (Review) – Hunt. Die. Learn. Grow.

Bloodborne makes my blood boil. So why do I play it?

Playing Bloodborne pisses me off. A lot. It makes me want a cigarette despite giving them up over a decade ago. So why has it pulled me in more than any game has in a long time and I’m still playing it every chance I get?

Bloodborne feels like strange new territory to me. Sure I played the original Demon’s Souls and while appreciating what it was trying to do, I just never jelled with it, so I never bothered with Dark Souls either. So what the hell is going on here? Let’s see why on earth I’m doing this to myself. Continue reading Bloodborne makes my blood boil. So why do I play it?

Brendan’s Bloodborne Hangover – A Dark Souls virgin’s first night in Yharnam

As far as Dark Souls goes, you’ll struggle to find anyone at Dealspwn that dislikes it more. But here I am, working my way through Bloodborne. From Software’s latest title is essentially a spiritual successor to the incredibly tough Souls series.

But screw it, I almost enjoyed the Alpha and Beta versions I played in recent months. So perhaps the tides were turning and I was going to start warming to the infamous brand of hardcore gaming that has built up such a large following since the early days of Demon’s Souls. Incidentally, that game was the last one I played. Continue reading Brendan’s Bloodborne Hangover – A Dark Souls virgin’s first night in Yharnam

The Sunday Seven: 2015’s hottest new game brands

2015 and beyond will be packed with sequels and annual franchise updates. What gets us really excited though is the new games. New IPs or gaming brands that we haven’t seen before. Sometimes they’ll bring in new ideas, or huge ambitions from small teams. There are already lots of sweet new titles to look forwards to and here our seven of the hottest up and coming contenders. Continue reading The Sunday Seven: 2015’s hottest new game brands

Bloodborne (Hands-On Preview)

Chances are, you’re either a big fan of the Dark Souls series or you just can’t be doing with their brand of no-nonsense difficulty and downright unresponsive controls.

Me? I’m not a fan and haven’t been since I played the original Demon’s Souls. So why am I the one talking to you about Bloodborne, a game by the same devs and seen as a potential killer exclusive on the PS4 for fans of From Software’s series? Well, after trying out the recent Alpha, I’m thinking maybe Bloodborne will be worth a look after all and those of you that aren’t fans of the Souls games probably shouldn’t dismiss it so soon.

Continue reading Bloodborne (Hands-On Preview)