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Techland and Dying Light reveal the Silas car

Techland has just released a new trailer for their Silas car. Well, a buggy at least. If we’re to believe their latest press release, the company are set to expand into the automotive industry for real. We expect tongues may be wedged in cheeks here:

“Today Techland announced plans to expand into the automotive industry. As a part of this process, a new automotive brand –  SILAS® Motors – has been launched, with plans to specialise in automotive products based around driver safety.

The first project under this new initiative is the SILAS® All-Terrain Dirt Buggy. The vehicle is being designed with a “Driver’s Survival First” attitude, in response to the growing number of threats on the road these days. Using proprietary protective technology, the vision is to arm drivers with the right tools to deal with the current and future dangers of the road.” Continue reading Techland and Dying Light reveal the Silas car

Dying Light Demo coming to PS4, Xbox and PC

We’ve just received  confirmation from Dying Light’s UK publishing PR team that a demo will indeed be coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Demos are a rare thing nowadays, especially so many months after a game is already out. But a demo for Dying Light is a very smart move from Techland and Warner Bros.  Continue reading Dying Light Demo coming to PS4, Xbox and PC

Huge Dying Light expansion ‘The Following’ announced

The Following, a large story-based expansion for popular zombie title, Dying Light, has just been announced by Techland. This new setting was teased earlier this week with images of an all-terrain dirt buggy.

Most of the details are being held back for a proper reveal at Gamescom next week., but the best news so far is that The Following will be made available to Season Pass holders at no extra cost. A price for non-pass holders has yet to be announced.  Continue reading Huge Dying Light expansion ‘The Following’ announced

The Sunday Seven: 2015’s hottest new game brands

2015 and beyond will be packed with sequels and annual franchise updates. What gets us really excited though is the new games. New IPs or gaming brands that we haven’t seen before. Sometimes they’ll bring in new ideas, or huge ambitions from small teams. There are already lots of sweet new titles to look forwards to and here our seven of the hottest up and coming contenders. Continue reading The Sunday Seven: 2015’s hottest new game brands

Dev Session Videos From Eurogamer Expo – Day 2

We’ve shown you what you missed from the Developer Sessions at this weekend’s Eurogamer Expo on Day 1 already. But if you’re eager for more inside info on the hottest upcoming games, we’ve got you covered with the action from Day 2. Here’s the list, with the embedded videos available after the break.

  • Tearaway (Media Molecule)
  • Beyond: Two Souls (David Cage from Quantic Dream)
  • Dying Light (Techland)
  • FIFA 14 Next-Gen (EA Sports)
  • Outside Xbox
  • PlayStation Indie Showcase*

*Replaced DriveClub session as the speaker was ill. Continue reading Dev Session Videos From Eurogamer Expo – Day 2

12 Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay

We’ve been dying (sorry) to see Dying Light in action since its initial E3 reveal and Techland have finally unleashed some gameplay footage. This survival action game takes the Dead Island template and adds in some slick parkour moves to spice up the action.

It’s about time developers started to take some influence from the criminally under-appreciated Mirror’s Edge and we have our fingers crossed this will be more fun to play than Brink. Gameplay here looks to be very open, with tough choices needing to be made on the fly, as shown when discovering a lone survivor on the way to a supply drop.

You’ll also get a brief look at how much of a bad idea it is to be caught outside after dark in Dying Light. We’ll presume the almost instant transition to night-time was sped up a little for display purposes in this mission, but it would appear direct combat is a big no no at night. The zombies appear to go through some sort of transformation, becoming faster, stronger and more agile requiring intense sneaking around or terrifying sprints when discovered. Consider this one back on our radars. Enjoy the video after the break. Continue reading 12 Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay