Dying Light Demo coming to PS4, Xbox and PC

We’ve just received  confirmation from Dying Light’s UK publishing PR team that a demo will indeed be coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Demos are a rare thing nowadays, especially so many months after a game is already out. But a demo for Dying Light is a very smart move from Techland and Warner Bros. 

The demo should roll out on all three digital platforms this week. Gamers can now buy the game at a much cheaper price than at launch (see below), and this demo could give sales a shot in the arm from players unsure about whether they’d like the game, especially if Dead Island left them a bit cold. There’s a new piece of expansion DLC coming to Dying Light too called The Following. Better yet, this new expansion will be included with the existing Season Pass.

Already in the market for a copy of Dying Light? Here are the cheapest prices right now:

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