Techland and Dying Light reveal the Silas car

Techland has just released a new trailer for their Silas car. Well, a buggy at least. If we’re to believe their latest press release, the company are set to expand into the automotive industry for real. We expect tongues may be wedged in cheeks here:

“Today Techland announced plans to expand into the automotive industry. As a part of this process, a new automotive brand –  SILAS® Motors – has been launched, with plans to specialise in automotive products based around driver safety.

The first project under this new initiative is the SILAS® All-Terrain Dirt Buggy. The vehicle is being designed with a “Driver’s Survival First” attitude, in response to the growing number of threats on the road these days. Using proprietary protective technology, the vision is to arm drivers with the right tools to deal with the current and future dangers of the road.”

We’d hold your breath if you’re expecting to see this in your local showroom anytime soon as this seems to be a new way of bringing some attention to their upcoming DLC drop Dying Light: The Following. The Silas is the vehicle that you’ll be using to get from A to B via lots of Z. We have to seriously question the safety design of a vehicle with no windows, covers or doors though if we’re honest. Here’s the trailer.

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