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Until Dawn Review – A night to remember

Horror games aren’t usually meant to be ‘fun’ or known for being ‘a laugh’. Scrambling around in the shadows for ammo in The Evil Within, or managing a tiny inventory in Resident Evil can be harrowing and stressful experiences. And then there’s the nerve-shredding trauma of Bloodborne.

But what about horror movies? Beyond the blood and gore, we’re waiting for inevitable scare lurking around the corner to make us jump out of our skins and then laugh it off with friends. Until Dawn is the gaming equivalent of that horror movie experience and it’s been well worth the wait. Continue reading Until Dawn Review – A night to remember

The Sunday Seven: 2015’s hottest new game brands

2015 and beyond will be packed with sequels and annual franchise updates. What gets us really excited though is the new games. New IPs or gaming brands that we haven’t seen before. Sometimes they’ll bring in new ideas, or huge ambitions from small teams. There are already lots of sweet new titles to look forwards to and here our seven of the hottest up and coming contenders. Continue reading The Sunday Seven: 2015’s hottest new game brands

Until Dawn Halloween Trailer

Sony has released a new Halloween trailer for their upcoming PS Move horror title, Until Dawn. The game was revealed at Gamescom in the summer and we’ve not seen much from it since, but hopes are high as it looks to be packing in the atmosphere and frankly, we’re desperate for a decent Move title that isn’t a minigame/sports title.

For more information about the game check out Matt’s preview. Check out the trailer after the jump and see if you can spot which film series has inspired this scene. It’s not hard.

Continue reading Until Dawn Halloween Trailer