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These 5 fun games will cure your Bloodborne rage

As much as we’re enjoying Bloodborne here at Dealspwn, there comes a time when we need a break. From Software’s game is extremely punishing as you know and it’s good sometimes to step back and play something else for a while to chill out and remember that not every game makes your blood boil or punishes slight slipups by snatching away all your progress from the last hour. So here’s a list of therapeutic games to play when the red mist builds up too much and you fear for your DualShock 4’s safety. Continue reading These 5 fun games will cure your Bloodborne rage

Vanquish (Review)

Vanquish is the latest effort from Platinum Games, the minds behind Bayonetta. This time they’re looking to put a boot up the backside of the third-person cover-shooter genre. How? By combining rocket boosting, bullet-time and cover-shootouts that’s how.

The story is nothing more than a vague excuse for the fantastic setting on an orbital colony built on a looping surface with lots of bots and giant mechs to blast apart. It’s the future and a Russian rebel group are trying to take over the world (but in space). Just go with it. Continue reading Vanquish (Review)