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Tekken X Street Fighter: Going Next-Gen or Cancelled?

Where is Tekken X Street Fighter? That’s the question many of us fight fans have been wondering recently. Nobody has even seen a screenshot of the game, and yet it has been two years since Capcom released Street Fighter X Tekken. Namco’s return effort was set to give the Street Fightercharacters a Tekken-style makeover, but it’s been a notorious no-show for years now.

Recently, we were sent a UK release schedule from Bandai Namco (they changed their name around, remember) and thankfully the game was still on there, but the date was only down as TBC. More interestingly, the formats no longer read PS3/360, instead they’ve also been replaced with TBC. The optimists inside us are hoping this means that we could be seeing the game on PS4 and Xbox One -two consoles desperately in need of a decent fighting game. With a relatively small install-base for the new consoles though, we’d still expect the PS3 and 360 (and probably the Vita) to see the game too.

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Tales of Xillia (Review)

After waiting nearly two years more than our Japanese friends, we Western gamers have finally got our hands on one of the most eagerly awaited RPGs of recent memory. But was it worth the wait?

Tales of Xillia takes you on a journey with Milla Maxwell, a spirit deity in human form, and Jude Mathis, a young student, as they try to stop a corrupt king using a deadly weapon in a war he’s desperately trying to start.

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Tales of Xillia – Two Heroes, One Destiny Trailer

You’ve probably just about finished Ni No Kuni by now yes? Well, that means you need another absorbing JRPG to get stuck into and once again Namco Bandai are here to help, this time with their long awaited English version of Tales of Xillia.

The latest trailer ups the drama and shows off some of the game’s slick anime cutscenes as Milla, Jude and co look to save the world. We have some combat gameplay trailers for you here too. Stick around, I’ll be publishing my full review of the game later today after weeks of playing the game. I might squeeze in a few more EXP though first. Continue reading Tales of Xillia – Two Heroes, One Destiny Trailer

Tales of Xillia 2 Western Release Confirmed

The original Tales of Xillia isn’t even out in Europe and America yet, but Namco Bandai have already committed to bringing the sequel to the Western world too. The first game will be out in August and now players don’t have to worry about missing out on the sequel when they’re done.

The news was announced at the Japan Expo in Paris. Don’t expect it to arrive any time soon though, it’s taken nearly two years for them to bring the first game to the West and it’s not known how long they have been localising the sequel. I’d take a guess at a release in the second quarter of next year. Continue reading Tales of Xillia 2 Western Release Confirmed

Tales of Xillia Trailer – Wishes of Hope

The PS3’s next essential RPG is but a few scant months away and here’s another trailer for you. We’re presuming all the drama will make more sense when we get our hands on the game on August 9th. There’s a typical lack of gameplay (you can see some here though), but you do get to see both anime and in-game engine cutscenes, both of which are looking great. Continue reading Tales of Xillia Trailer – Wishes of Hope

Three New Tales of Xillia Trailers Released

Namco Bandai have released three new trailers for Tales of Xillia, the Japanese JRPG that is finally coming to Western gamers in August after nearly two years of jealous waiting. The game was met with widespread critical acclaim when released in Japan and even a sequel was released in 2012. Namco will need to see some decent sales of the first game in the West before they consider bringing the second game too.

The new videos show Xillia’s opening sequence and gameplay in the form of character demonstrations for the rather reserved Rowen and the much more feisty Leia. The action-heavy approach the series takes has proved very popular with fans over the years and we enjoyed the recent Tales of Graces F too with Matt awarding 8/10 in his review. You may have also noticed that earlier today we reported that a HD re-release of Tales of Symphonia is coming to PS3. It’s taken a while but JRPG’s seem to finally hitting their stride on the PS3. Enjoy the new videos after the break. Continue reading Three New Tales of Xillia Trailers Released

Star Trek Dev Diary: An Original Story

Namco Bandai’s latest making of video for the upcoming Star Trek game goes into detail about the story. This includes information of a female vulcan (possibly a former love interest of Spock) and a rift machine that rips space a new one and allows the lizardy Gorn to fly in and attack anything without scales. The game is going to be set in-between the 2009 movie and the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness. It’s released on April 26th, two weeks before the new movie, giving fans plenty of time to lap up the first proper Star Trek game in years. Don’t forget to check out Matt’s preview too. Continue reading Star Trek Dev Diary: An Original Story

Project X Zone Trailer Looks Blindingly Awesome

If only we could see more publisher cross-overs to bring our favourite characters together. Sega, Namco and Capcom have thrown their best stars into an epic battle on the 3DS. Not that the trailer shows it, but the game is supposedly an RPG in a similar vein to the isometric Final Fantasy Tactics. This trailer shows what happens when characters actually attack each other though, as the camera zooms in and goes side on, more akin to something like Street Fighter. Using combos and team-up abilities gives the game a very action-heavy look that appears to be making the best of the game’s stars.

With any luck this will sell millions and inspire Sony and Square-Enix to make a Uncharted / Tomb Raider crossover (OMFG!). Anyway, Project X Zone is already out in Japan and is currently lined up for a Summer release in the West. Which will probably explain a lengthy ‘illness’ from our editors, Matt and Jon, around the same time. Me too, if they release it on the Vita that is. Check out the insane trailer after the break.
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Tales of Xillia Battle Showcase Trailers

European fans have been waiting years for a localised release for Tales of Xillia and here are some new gameplay videos to whet your appetite. Xillia is actually the 13th entry in the Tales series, but just like Final Fantasy, you don’t need to have played the previous titles to get involved. The game received fantastic scores in Japan, so we’ve got high hopes for it.

Japan even got a sequel late last year, so Namco are probably waiting to see how this one does before announcing a Western release too. JRPGs are finally doing well again in these parts with Ni No Kuni and Tales of Graces F proving popular with fans and critics alike. Tales of Xillia lands August 1st, which should give you enough time to finish those other two. Well, one of them at least. Continue reading Tales of Xillia Battle Showcase Trailers

New Dark Souls II Despair Trailer

Despair. Probably the most fitting word to be associated with the Dark Souls games. Namco released 12 minutes of gameplay footage earlier this week, but this is more of a cinematic, although there are a few in-game shots that show off the varied environments. They’re looking great, but will most of us even make it out of the first cave without being scarred for life? It looks like the game’s usual standards of collision detection are there too as you can see the player’s axe pass through a wall at one point (0:44). Why would you include that in a trailer? I don’t understand. Continue reading New Dark Souls II Despair Trailer

Namco Bandai’s Secret Game is Kamen Rider: Battride War

We mentioned Namco Bandai putting up a teaser site earlier this week with an image of a motorbike and an obscure quote and we can now reveal the game behind all the secrecy is Kamen Rider: Battride War.

Based on yet another Japanese anime series, the game is wait for it…a Dynasty Warriors clone but with Power Ranger-style cosplayers and motorbikes, or something along those lines. All we know is it’ll be on PS3 and involve beating up armies single-handed. There’s a trailer for you after the break, with a little bit of gameplay towards the end. Everything’s in Japanese and there’s no confirmation of a European release as of yet, but keep your fingers crossed, you never know it might not be as terrible, boring and derivative as it looks.

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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Trailer

The original One Piece: Pirate Warriors may have passed you by late last year, but maybe it’s time to check it out as the sequel is on the way for the summer. Think Dynasty Warriors, but you actually want to keep playing after five minutes because you control a mentalist pirate with stretchy, rubbery limbs.

Battling against hundreds of enemies with these fantastic abilities made the original game a lot of fun to play. Some boring secondary characters and a jittery nonsense story made it occasionally frustrating, but fingers crossed these things will be improved for the sequel. Take a look at the first trailer after the break.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Review)

Accessibility and new fans. That’s what Namco would have you believe are the targets that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is aiming for as one of the most respected names in the fighter genre returns. Getting new players used to the basics of the series has always been an obstacle many fighting games so anything that seeks to address this is going to be well worth a look.

The Fight Lab is Namco’s attempt to ease-in new players and get them used to Tekken’s basics. Basics that to outsiders make the game immensely difficult to pick up and play with the same level of success as the Street Fighter or Soul Calibur titles. Button bashing in Tekken games will generally get you nowhere, thus making it less enjoyable to crack out at parties for anyone that hasn’t played them before.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition Trailer Showcases Nintendo Legends

The Wii U announcements are coming thick and fast now as momentum builds for the new console. This new trailer shows off various costume changes for the Tekken gang. So far, we’re seeing suits from the Mario, Zelda, Star Fox and Metroid games, with more to surely follow.

The trailer also shows a new Mushroom Battle mode where fighters grow or shrink depending on which power-up they get.

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Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon (Review)

The EDF (no relation to Red Faction’s EDF) games have been something of a cult hit on the 360 for a while now and the series has finally made its way to the PS3 too. New recruits listen up; your mission in this arcade third-person shooter is to defend the planet from an invasion of giant bugs. Ants, spiders and wasps have all been super-sized to form an alien army of nature’s bastards. Over-turned cups and rolled up newspapers aren’t going to cut it anymore.

The carnage over the game’s fifteen levels is simple enough to grasp: kill everything in sight and occasionally plant a demolition charge. The single-player campaign missions match those used for multiplayer, so levelling up is consistent across the board. Playing offline is clearly not the way the game was intended to be played, as your AI team-mates struggle to focus on taking down bosses, although they are impressively reliable for reviving you, which is more than can be said for some players online.

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