Tekken X Street Fighter: Going Next-Gen or Cancelled?

Where is Tekken X Street Fighter? That’s the question many of us fight fans have been wondering recently. Nobody has even seen a screenshot of the game, and yet it has been two years since Capcom released Street Fighter X Tekken. Namco’s return effort was set to give the Street Fightercharacters a Tekken-style makeover, but it’s been a notorious no-show for years now.

Recently, we were sent a UK release schedule from Bandai Namco (they changed their name around, remember) and thankfully the game was still on there, but the date was only down as TBC. More interestingly, the formats no longer read PS3/360, instead they’ve also been replaced with TBC. The optimists inside us are hoping this means that we could be seeing the game on PS4 and Xbox One -two consoles desperately in need of a decent fighting game. With a relatively small install-base for the new consoles though, we’d still expect the PS3 and 360 (and probably the Vita) to see the game too.

Naturally, Bandai Namco’s press teams are remaining tight-lipped. I asked them at the start of the month (before this latest release schedule) for any updates about the game’s release or format change, but they could only reply with “No information currently I’m afraid.”

With such a long delay since the game’s original reveal nearly four years ago, we also have to consider that development of the game may have run into more than its fare share of problems. Are we looking at the delaying of announcing the game is cancelled, or can we expect multiple promises that the game is still coming for years on end, à la The Last Guardian?

We have our fingers crossed that the game is still coming and to be honest, we hope it’s better than the slightly disappointing first game in the crossover series from Capcom. For a start, let’s have less emphasis on tag modes. The art style is going to be interesting as Tekken usually goes for a more realistic look compared to SFIV’s artsy painted finish, so it will be good to see Ken and co in shiny sheen style again. If it ever actually comes out that is.

In the meantime fight fans, keep an eye out for the next re-release of SFIV in the shape of Ultra Street Fighter IV. There’s a thought Namco, just ask Capcom for a bit of help. No? Well maybe concentrate less on the endless Naruto games and work on the title fans actually want then.

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