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Official Resident Evil 2 Remake is finally happening

In a brief video just released by the official Resident Evil feed, Capcom have confirmed they are working on Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Yoshiaki Hirabyashi, a.k.a. H, a Capcom producer from their R&D Division 1 broke the news via an enthusiastic post on YouTube. H has been a driving force in recent weeks, asking fans how they felt about a remake and presenting a pitch to his bosses. We salute your efforts, good sir! Continue reading Official Resident Evil 2 Remake is finally happening

Street Fighter V beta extended after terrible start

Many gamers (including most of the Dealspwn team) were planning on getting stuck into the PS4 beta for Street Fighter V over the weekend, but those plans were scuppered by Capcom mere minutes into launch. On Friday afternoon, the fighting game’s beta was taken offline for maintenance and has struggled to get back online throughout the weekend.

We were planning on bringing you a team roundtable impressions piece on the game, but you may have to wait a while as collectively, we’ve mainly just seen the title and loading screens in action. The beta was due to finish tomorrow, but Capcom have confirmed [via Twitter] that the beta will be extended, although by how much remains unknown. Continue reading Street Fighter V beta extended after terrible start

Necalli is your new contender in Street Fighter V

A new contender has entered the arena for Street Fighter V. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Necalli. Don’t get to close, he’s got that look in his eye that says he might be a biter.

Necalli is a brand new character, and not simply one that’s been dusted off from an older game. His back story is yet to be revealed but his name is the Aztec word for ‘battle.’

His introduction trailer shows him handing Ken a bit of an ass kicking. Apparently he’s not convinced about the new hair-do either. Speaking of hair, Necalli’s undergoes a violent transformation during the bout. This V-Trigger mode powers him up for a while opening up new combos, varied frame data and a new Critical Art attack. It looks well worth powering up, just for the additional flare alone, as the floating hair effects look absolutely stunning. Continue reading Necalli is your new contender in Street Fighter V

Why Resident Evil 0 HD is great news for the series and gamers

Today, Capcom announced that they are working on Resident Evil 0 HD, a remastered HD port of their 2002 GameCube exclusive. While some HD ports/remasters feel like opportunistic cash grabs, we like to think that this one is a good thing; not just for us eager gamers, but for Capcom and the Resident Evil series in general. Here’s why.

As fondly remembered as the GameCube was, the fact is it got hammered by the competition. Capcom were easily the most supportive third-party though with the original Resident Evil remake (or REmake), Resi 0 and of course, the incredible Resident Evil 4. Continue reading Why Resident Evil 0 HD is great news for the series and gamers

Capcom planning more HD Remasters – are these games next?

During a presentation of their recent financials, Capcom stated they are planning to release more HD remasters of “popular older games”[Videogamer].

This isn’t surprising really especially as the recent Resident Evil HD Remaster went on to sell over a million copies and had a strong critical reception. Their new-gen DmC: Definitive Edition was also well-received by the press and remasters of Devil May Cry 4 and Street Fighter IV have already been confirmed. Capcom’s recent remasters have been pretty damn good in our opinion, so we’re certainly up more. Here are a few likely candidates, along with some wishful long shots. Continue reading Capcom planning more HD Remasters – are these games next?

Lost Planet 3 (Review)

After the slightly frosty reception the thawed out first sequel received, it would seem the Lost Planet series has been pining for those long cold winters again. So the third game is a prequel to the original, taking place many years before.

You are Jim, red-haired (finally!) and awesomely bearded-up for the cold. Jim has a wife and newborn son back on earth, but he’s taken this job on the frozen rock of E.D.N. III to earn some serious money as a Rig operator / go-to guy for exterminating the pesky Akrid wildlife while the NEVEC Corporation searches the planet for T-Energy.

Rather than the Vital Suits of the last two games, you get to romp around in a 50-foot high walking Rig. These huge mechs are essentially maintenance machines, hardly built for combat, but as you and Jim will find out, you’re stuck with what you have.

Continue reading Lost Planet 3 (Review)

Capcom Release 70 Minute ‘I Am Street Fighter’ Documentary on YouTube

Got 70 minutes spare to sit through a history lesson you’ll actually enjoy? Well, get comfortable and enjoy this new documentary Capcom have made available for free on YouTube – it was previously an exclusive with the pricey 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set.

The informative documentary focuses on the runaway success of Street Fighter 2 in the 1990s and how it ignited the fighting genre like nothing before or since. Expect interviews with key developers and pro gamers. We’ve got the whole thing lined up for you after the break. Continue reading Capcom Release 70 Minute ‘I Am Street Fighter’ Documentary on YouTube

Dead Rising 3 Dev Diary Shows Sick Skills

When Dead Rising 3 debuted at E3 we were of the opinion it was a bit on the brown and ugly side. And it still is. But thanks to this latest dev diary we’re a little bit more optimistic as we get to see lots of different ways to dismember the undead masses and a few glimpses of humour along the way.

Dual-wielding triple barrel machine guns, nail guns, axes, exploding baseballs and more will be at your disposable. Taping together ridiculous combinations of items will also once again be actively encouraged. You’ll also get a better look at some of the different zombie classes you’ll come up against. Charging football jocks, trigger happy cops and inmates. All fairly vulnerable to a chainsaw to the guts it would seem though. A luchadore outfit dresses you for the occassion of wrestling zombies in the ring too, just in-case you were thinking the series was looking a bit ‘normal.’ There’ll have to be a severe financial incentive involved to get us to fight them dressed in a banana hammock though. Continue reading Dead Rising 3 Dev Diary Shows Sick Skills

Project X Zone Trailer Looks Blindingly Awesome

If only we could see more publisher cross-overs to bring our favourite characters together. Sega, Namco and Capcom have thrown their best stars into an epic battle on the 3DS. Not that the trailer shows it, but the game is supposedly an RPG in a similar vein to the isometric Final Fantasy Tactics. This trailer shows what happens when characters actually attack each other though, as the camera zooms in and goes side on, more akin to something like Street Fighter. Using combos and team-up abilities gives the game a very action-heavy look that appears to be making the best of the game’s stars.

With any luck this will sell millions and inspire Sony and Square-Enix to make a Uncharted / Tomb Raider crossover (OMFG!). Anyway, Project X Zone is already out in Japan and is currently lined up for a Summer release in the West. Which will probably explain a lengthy ‘illness’ from our editors, Matt and Jon, around the same time. Me too, if they release it on the Vita that is. Check out the insane trailer after the break.
Continue reading Project X Zone Trailer Looks Blindingly Awesome

Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Coming to Vita

A Capcom insider told a Japanese magazine that the reason behind the delay of Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS was that the team were also working on a Vita version for simultaneous release. A Capcom executive has since denied the rumour saying, “I would not believe everything you read on the internet. It will set you up for disappointment or misdirected frustration.”

Well, this wouldn’t be the first time a rumour that turned out to be true was denied by a publisher. Seeing as the series has sold over 21 million games, we’re frankly surprised there hasn’t already been an announcement of a Monster Hunter Vita game. Capcom could do with the financial boost too seeing as sales of Resi 6 failed to meet expectations.

Continue reading Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Coming to Vita

Resident Evil Revelations: Unveiled Edition Leak

Back in November we heard Korean rumblings about console versions of the 3DS title, Resident Evil Revelations. Well, the evidence is mounting up again today despite no official word from Capcom. Exophase appear to have obtained a full list of the game’s Achievements for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Continue reading Resident Evil Revelations: Unveiled Edition Leak

Capcom Already Planning Remember Me Sequels

Despite Remember Me not even having a firm release date, it would seem Capcom are already planning to turn the game into a series. The new IP was revealed at Gamescom and has impressed us ever since with a series of gameplay videos showing combo editors, brawling and some seriously slick sci-fi locations.

At the end of the day, new IPs are risky ventures and it’s not really surprising that Capcom aren’t planning a one-off title.

Continue reading Capcom Already Planning Remember Me Sequels

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Hands-on Preview)

Anticipation is high for Marvel Vs Capcom 3, especially given Capcom’s return to the top of fighting games with Street Fighter 4. After 11 years, the timing is perfect to see the ever-extending list of classic Capcom game characters launch into another almighty ruckus with the best characters from the Marvel Comics universe.

Today we’re fortunate enough to be given a hands-on taste of the 3vs3 two-player action at the Capcom Christmas party in London. Eager gaming journalists are allowed to choose three characters from a choice of favourites. Capcom characters include: Dante, Trish, Viewtiful Joe, Amaterasu (Okami), Chris Redfield, Felicia, Morrigan, Ryu and Chun-Li. The Mash-up continues with the Marvel folk: Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool, Hulk, Doctor Doom, Thor, Super-Skrull and Dormammu. There will be plenty more added to both rosters before release.

Continue reading Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Hands-on Preview)

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 (Hands-on Preview)

The first title in this 2D HD remake of the 80s game was a game I desperately wanted to enjoy. Alas, it’s old-school reluctance to move with the times ultimately made it a relationship that was doomed from the start.

I am of course referring to the lack of a jump button. Nathan Spencer solely relied on the use of the grappling hook on his bionic arm to swing around the levels and climb up platforms. True to the original it may have been but it was also frustrating, unforgiving and clunky. Continue reading Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 (Hands-on Preview)