Ultra Street Fighter IV dated and priced for PS4 release

Sony have just posted on their US blog, that they’re ‘aiming’ for a May 26th release date for Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 in the US and Europe. Fingers crossed they make the date as we’re pretty pumped for a new version of Street Fighter IV.

You’d think that after multiple re-releases, we’d be burnt out on Capcom’s series, but no. This new version will contain all of the extra costume DLC, all the extra characters and all stages released from every version of SFIV. Better yet, this version will also include five new characters and six new stages. The input lag noticed by some players of Ultra SFIVC on PS3 has also been fixed. The Omega Mode where all the character balances are nerfed will also make an appearance. Best of all though is the price.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available digitally for just $24.99. Fingers crossed that comes to the UK at a similar £16.40 price. At this time there is no mention of a physical release and the Xbox snub (Street Fighter V will be a PS4 console exclusive) continues as there’s no word on an Xbox One version. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this one. Sorry Mortal Kombat X, you knew this was a casual thing right?

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