Capcom planning more HD Remasters – are these games next?

During a presentation of their recent financials, Capcom stated they are planning to release more HD remasters of “popular older games”[Videogamer].

This isn’t surprising really especially as the recent Resident Evil HD Remaster went on to sell over a million copies and had a strong critical reception. Their new-gen DmC: Definitive Edition was also well-received by the press and remasters of Devil May Cry 4 and Street Fighter IV have already been confirmed. Capcom’s recent remasters have been pretty damn good in our opinion, so we’re certainly up more. Here are a few likely candidates, along with some wishful long shots.

Resident Evil Zero

Surely this one’s a dead cert? The series is riding high at the moment thanks to the Resi Remaster and the Revelations 2 series. Like the Resi 1 remaster, most of the work is already done as Zero was a GameCube title that could be polished up relatively soon. Hopefully this would lead to Resident Evil 2 finally getting that much deserved remake.


We’d certainly settle for a polished version of Ghouls ‘N Ghosts with some smoothed out pixels, but if Capcom aren’t going that far back, we’d settle for HD versions of their PS2 spiritual sequels. These 3D action titles were decidedly tough affairs back in 2001 and we’re surprised the series hasn’t made a comeback sooner.

Remember Me – A memory worth saving

Dragon’s Dogma / Okami / Remember Me

All of these are available on last-gen consoles, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them given a PS4/XO release too in a similar manner to Square’s upcoming Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster. Don’t expect much of a visual leap, but they could be tempting if you missed out last-gen. Personally, I’d love to see Remember Me get a bit more love in order to encourage a sequel. Why? Find out in my feature article – Remember Me – A Memory Worth Saving. Actually, it’s about time Okamiden was unshackled from the 3DS too.

Dino Crisis

What are you doing Capcom!? Stop pissing about and bring this series back, it’s Resident Evil with dinosaurs for crying out loud! HD remaster, game number three (Update: I’m not counting that one set in space!) or a reboot. We’ll take any of the above.

Mega Man

A ten game mega collection? Sign us right up, Capcom. Prepare for them to be much harder than you remember though.

Project X Zone Review | Hot Cross Fun

Project X Zone

This one’s incredibly unlikely as it’s currently a Nintendo 3DS exclusive and publishing duties are also shared with Namco and Sega. This insanely frantic RPG brawler hybrid would probably make our eyes explode if played on a full-sized screen anyways.

Viewtiful Joe

Most of Joe’s momentum was lost on the ailing GameCube, but those gorgeous cell-shaded visuals would look even better smoothed out via new-gen technology.

Final Fight

Sure, the series pales compared to the mighty Streets of Rage, but Final Fight is a solid side-scrolling scrapper that wouldn’t require too many resources to polish up for a remaster on multiple formats.

Onimusha Trilogy

Onimusha was ignored throughout the PS3’s lifecycle despite the PS2-era trilogy being one of the best series of action games on the market. The feudal Japan setting was incredibly good looking on the PS2 thanks to the beautiful pre-rendered backgrounds and the action was second to none. It’s been way too long, Capcom.

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