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Capcom planning more HD Remasters – are these games next?

During a presentation of their recent financials, Capcom stated they are planning to release more HD remasters of “popular older games”[Videogamer].

This isn’t surprising really especially as the recent Resident Evil HD Remaster went on to sell over a million copies and had a strong critical reception. Their new-gen DmC: Definitive Edition was also well-received by the press and remasters of Devil May Cry 4 and Street Fighter IV have already been confirmed. Capcom’s recent remasters have been pretty damn good in our opinion, so we’re certainly up more. Here are a few likely candidates, along with some wishful long shots. Continue reading Capcom planning more HD Remasters – are these games next?

The Saboteur (Preview)

Former racing car driver, Irishman in Paris, Sean Devlin, is out for revenge against the Nazi’s after some of his friends are murdered. He’s not trying to save Paris, but his actions are certainly going to help the city and endear him to her citizens and have the resistance calling on him for a favour or two. Expect a noir inspired adventure rather than your traditional overly-patriotic WWII story. Continue reading The Saboteur (Preview)