Cheap PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide

Looking for cheap PS4 hard drive deals is incredibly daunting. I’ve just spent hours browsing through loads of different sites and whittling through scores of drives to ensure these are the best prices and that the drives are compatible with a PS4 console. If you feel like browsing yourself, or double checking any deals below, here are some important specs you’ll want to ensure a hard drive has. If it’s not listed, try to contact the seller or don’t bother.

  • Drive Size: 2.5 inch SATA
  • Height: 9.5mm/0.95cm
  • RPM: 5400 (minimum), 7200RPM is also fine.

Those are the most important elements. Seriously though, look out for that height dimension size as a few 1.5cm drives almost caught me out. Cache speed varies from 8MB to 32MB, but shouldn’t make much of a difference in a PS4. I’ve not listed any SSD (Solid State Drives) as multiple tests on PS4s have shown that any increase in loading times has been marginal and not worth the considerable extra cost over a regular drive.

The RPM speed on a new hard drive is more likely to have an impact, but don’t assume that a 7200RPM drive will mean double the loading speed of the default 5400RPM drive. That said, there will be an increase and there’s often not much of a big price gap between the two speeds.

So, should you go for 1TB (1000GB) or the beefier 2TB (2000GB)? If you can afford it, I’d recommend going with the 2TB model as it’s less than double the price of most 1TB drives, so you’re getting more GBs per £ so to speak. You’ll need to ask yourself how quickly you’re likely to fill a new drive. If you’re buying a lot of physical games or downloading big titles from PSN, you’re probably looking at 30-50GB per title, which has seen the default 500GB swell in no time.

Another factor to consider is that hard drive space is only ever getting cheaper (not accounting for the odd hot deal of course). In a year or two, you may be able to double the space for the same amount of money. So maybe you can get by with 1TB for a while.

Maintaining the free space in your hard drive can make life easier too. For example, if you’ve not played a disc-game for a while, delete the huge data file and reinstall it next time you dust the game off. Your save file is stored separately, so it won’t be deleted at the same time. Annoyingly, any large DLC/patch updates are included in the large data file, so you’d have to redownload them again too. It would be nice if Sony worked out a way of saving them separately.

So, here are your hottest deals today for various speeds and sizes. Naturally, if you find anything cheaper, we’d love to hear about it. Do let us know if you have any questions too and we’ll get back to you. Prices below include delivery.

1TB / 5400 RPM

1 TB / 7200 RPM

2TB / 5400 RPM

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