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Street Fighter V Review Diary – Multiplayer or bust?

So, I’ve had Street Fighter V for a week. For most games, especially a fighter, that’s usually plenty of time to polish off a review. Except I can’t really do that with Street Fighter V, because I’ve not been able to play anywhere near a finished product. That’s not to say there isn’t lots to say on the game’s single and multiplayer content so far.

We already knew the proper ‘Story Mode’ complete with cutscenes, wouldn’t be coming until Summer, but that was always seen as an extra, something we don’t usually get with an SF game anyway. It was fair to assume a selection of the usual modes would be on the disc from day one, but many are missing or ‘coming in March.’ Once these modes are here, and there’s no denying they damn well should have been on the disc from the start, I’ll be able to give the game a finished review with a score rating, much like I prefer to do with Telltale’s episodic games – not exactly a comparison I was expecting to make. Continue reading Street Fighter V Review Diary – Multiplayer or bust?

Street Fighter V Laura trailer and new beta dates

Crikey, talk about a ‘reveal’ trailer. Laura was unofficial unveiled as a brand new Street Fighter V character a few days ago, but today we can bring you her actual gameplay footage. One look at her in action and we’re certainly thinking she’ll be replacing Blanka on the day one roster. While her style is a bit faster than the green man-beast, her use of electric shock moves and a Blanka-esque roll move incorporated into her V-Trigger finisher makes us think Capcom have fallen for their own Brazilian bombshell over him. Not that he couldn’t appear as an unlockable character post-launch. Continue reading Street Fighter V Laura trailer and new beta dates

Zangief and Laura added to Street Fighter V roster

Zangief is now officially coming to Street Fighter V and even has a new trailer. That’s not much of a surprise, but the leaked images of a new character certainly are. While yet to be officially announced via a trailer, expect to see Laura in action very soon if these leaked images are anything to go by.

Coming from Famitsu (via Event Hubs) the new leaked screens show the new fighter giving Ryu a beat of a beating. If rumours are to be believed. Laura is a Brazilian fighter and harnesses electrical abilities similar to Blanka. Does this mean the green man beast has been replaced in Street Fighter V?

You can see some more Laura screens and the Zangief trailer below. Continue reading Zangief and Laura added to Street Fighter V roster

Street Fighter V beta extended after terrible start

Many gamers (including most of the Dealspwn team) were planning on getting stuck into the PS4 beta for Street Fighter V over the weekend, but those plans were scuppered by Capcom mere minutes into launch. On Friday afternoon, the fighting game’s beta was taken offline for maintenance and has struggled to get back online throughout the weekend.

We were planning on bringing you a team roundtable impressions piece on the game, but you may have to wait a while as collectively, we’ve mainly just seen the title and loading screens in action. The beta was due to finish tomorrow, but Capcom have confirmed [via Twitter] that the beta will be extended, although by how much remains unknown. Continue reading Street Fighter V beta extended after terrible start

Necalli is your new contender in Street Fighter V

A new contender has entered the arena for Street Fighter V. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Necalli. Don’t get to close, he’s got that look in his eye that says he might be a biter.

Necalli is a brand new character, and not simply one that’s been dusted off from an older game. His back story is yet to be revealed but his name is the Aztec word for ‘battle.’

His introduction trailer shows him handing Ken a bit of an ass kicking. Apparently he’s not convinced about the new hair-do either. Speaking of hair, Necalli’s undergoes a violent transformation during the bout. This V-Trigger mode powers him up for a while opening up new combos, varied frame data and a new Critical Art attack. It looks well worth powering up, just for the additional flare alone, as the floating hair effects look absolutely stunning. Continue reading Necalli is your new contender in Street Fighter V