Street Fighter V Laura trailer and new beta dates

Crikey, talk about a ‘reveal’ trailer. Laura was unofficial unveiled as a brand new Street Fighter V character a few days ago, but today we can bring you her actual gameplay footage. One look at her in action and we’re certainly thinking she’ll be replacing Blanka on the day one roster. While her style is a bit faster than the green man-beast, her use of electric shock moves and a Blanka-esque roll move incorporated into her V-Trigger finisher makes us think Capcom have fallen for their own Brazilian bombshell over him. Not that he couldn’t appear as an unlockable character post-launch.

Capcom have also just confirmed the dates for their next beta phase on PS4, with PC gamers joining the fray too in order to test cross-platform play. The new beta will start October 22nd through October 25th on PS4, with PC options being tested from the 24th. We’re hoping for a smoother experience than the last beta which struggled throughout, but hey, better now than at launch.

Excitingly, the characters for the new beta will be changed. This time you’ll be able to fight as Ken, Necalli, Vega and R. Mika. Rashid and Karin will be added on the 23rd and 24th respectively. This will be a great opportunity for fans to try out the new characters. Fingers crossed there will be an offline MP option or at least a training mode outside of the waiting room to allow us some free practice. Not that I won’t be selecting Ken all damn day.

If you had beta access on PS4 previously, you don’t need to sign up again. New players can sign-up here. PC players will have to preorder for a beta key.

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