Street Fighter V beta extended after terrible start

Many gamers (including most of the Dealspwn team) were planning on getting stuck into the PS4 beta for Street Fighter V over the weekend, but those plans were scuppered by Capcom mere minutes into launch. On Friday afternoon, the fighting game’s beta was taken offline for maintenance and has struggled to get back online throughout the weekend.

We were planning on bringing you a team roundtable impressions piece on the game, but you may have to wait a while as collectively, we’ve mainly just seen the title and loading screens in action. The beta was due to finish tomorrow, but Capcom have confirmed [via Twitter] that the beta will be extended, although by how much remains unknown.

It’s likely that it will be at least enough to cover the days already missed. After all, Capcom will still want to get the beta up and running so they can actually gather some decent data. Don’t be surprised if they only put individual territories online at a time in order to ease the flow of eager Street Fighter V fans.

Sure, it’s annoying not being able to play, but this is what betas are for after all and we’re still giving Capcom the thumbs up for having one rather than letting this happen on the game’s launch.It’s probably not worth trying to get online today as Capcom have already said they are taking the servers offline for further maintenance throughout the day. Do let us know if you’ve had any luck though.

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