Project X Zone Trailer Looks Blindingly Awesome

If only we could see more publisher cross-overs to bring our favourite characters together. Sega, Namco and Capcom have thrown their best stars into an epic battle on the 3DS. Not that the trailer shows it, but the game is supposedly an RPG in a similar vein to the isometric Final Fantasy Tactics. This trailer shows what happens when characters actually attack each other though, as the camera zooms in and goes side on, more akin to something like Street Fighter. Using combos and team-up abilities gives the game a very action-heavy look that appears to be making the best of the game’s stars.

With any luck this will sell millions and inspire Sony and Square-Enix to make a Uncharted / Tomb Raider crossover (OMFG!). Anyway, Project X Zone is already out in Japan and is currently lined up for a Summer release in the West. Which will probably explain a lengthy ‘illness’ from our editors, Matt and Jon, around the same time. Me too, if they release it on the Vita that is. Check out the insane trailer after the break.

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