Three New Tales of Xillia Trailers Released

Namco Bandai have released three new trailers for Tales of Xillia, the Japanese JRPG that is finally coming to Western gamers in August after nearly two years of jealous waiting. The game was met with widespread critical acclaim when released in Japan and even a sequel was released in 2012. Namco will need to see some decent sales of the first game in the West before they consider bringing the second game too.

The new videos show Xillia’s opening sequence and gameplay in the form of character demonstrations for the rather reserved Rowen and the much more feisty Leia. The action-heavy approach the series takes has proved very popular with fans over the years and we enjoyed the recent Tales of Graces F too with Matt awarding 8/10 in his review. You may have also noticed that earlier today we reported that a HD re-release of Tales of Symphonia is coming to PS3. It’s taken a while but JRPG’s seem to finally hitting their stride on the PS3. Enjoy the new videos after the break.

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