Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles Coming to PS3

Tales of Symphonia is getting the HD treatment and will be coming to the PS3 in October in Japan and the US and EU in early 2014. The HD re-release will also include Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, a title previously only available on the Wii.

The new title was announced to mild hysteria at the Tales of Festival in Japan, an event that celebrates the many Tales of games seen over the years. Western releases of some of the games in the series has been a bit sporadic, but Tales of Graces F did well last year and the upcoming Tales of Xillia looks set to ride the resurgent wave of JRPGs we’ve been seeing of late.

Check out the announcement trailer after the break for a look at the newly polished cutscenes with a bit of gameplay in-between all the rabid screams of excitement from the crowd. I think their heads might explode if Final Fantasy VII HD ever gets announced.

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