The Last of Us Demo Available Now – If You Own God of War: Ascension

Months after God of War: Ascension released, the promised demo for The Last of Us ‘included’ with the game is finally available for download.

Simply load up Ascension (then wait for wait for over 600MB of updates if you’ve not played it for a while) and choose the demo from the main menu. This takes you to the PSN store to download the 132MB demo. Quit out and select the demo from your XMB then roll your eyes and go and make a brew while the rest of the demo downloads its remaining 2GB.

If like me, you attended one of Game’s recent store lock-ins to try out the game you may be a bit annoyed to hear that this demo is the taken from the same part of the game, despite them saying it would be different. Hell, they still are on their site. Admittedly, the version I played at the lock-in was pre-alpha and a little rough, while this is more polished and probably the same as we’ll see in the final game.

The Last of Us got the Sunday Seven treatment from us last week, check out the article here.

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