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Monsters await in new SOMA trailer

SOMA’s September 22nd release date is edging towards us on PS4 and PC. From the looks of this new trailer, there are plenty of nasty creatures in the shadows making their way through the shadows too.

Seeing as SOMA is coming from Frictional Games, the studio behind Amnesia, we’re expecting a thoroughly nerve-shredding experience. SOMA is set under the sea in an apparently abandoned facility. Is it abandoned, or did everyone just get eaten by the things stalking those dark corridors? We’re going for the latter. If you enjoyed the terrifying, defenceless gameplay of Alien: Isolation, you’ll certainly want to check this out. Continue reading Monsters await in new SOMA trailer

Zombi trailer shows what you’ve been missing

Zombi (formerly ZombiU on the Wii U) has just landed on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms and offers updated visuals for the new release. If you never played the original version and want to learn more about the game, take a look at this informative trailer where a Jason Statham-alike geezer talks you through the harsh world and gameplay of Zombi. If you enjoy Dark Souls and Bloodborne, you’re bound to get a sadistic thrill from this. Continue reading Zombi trailer shows what you’ve been missing

Resident Evil HD Remaster (Review)

The original survival horror brand is back and for once we’re not rolling our eyes at another HD makeover. Rather than an unnecessary PS4 port of Resi 5 or 6, this is a HD makeover of the 2002 GameCube exclusive remake of the 1996 PS1 Resident Evil. For those of you yet to play the GC version, this will be a remarkable experience if you enjoyed the original game.

The remake was extremely faithful to the original, meaning lots of fixed camera angles and pre-rendered backgrounds. There’s no need to worry about the dated ‘tank’ controls as there’s an option to switch to modern analogue movement rather than having to spin on the spot before moving. The different camera angles as you move onto a new screen can still have disastrous results that see you accidentally turn around and run straight back into a zombie’s bitey embrace though.

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Daylight (PS4 Review)

daylight-PS4-reviewGrudging Through Another No-Flair Witch Project

Horror games have seen something of a resurgence in recent years on the PC platform, while the genre has slowly bled out on the consoles. But with the renewed indie focus on the PS4, perhaps the things that lie in the shadows and lurk under our beds are set to make a return.

Recent PS Plus freebie Outlast may have been a repetitive effort, but there was no denying that its first-person viewpoint, jumpy moments and sickeningly foreboding atmosphere were excellently put together. You’d certainly be forgiven for confusing it with today’s game, Daylight. Hell, until this arrived on my desk, I’d mentally absorbed it into the same game as Outlast. However, despite the hospital setting and first-person perspective, this is a very different game. And not in a good way.

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Play Alien: Isolation at Rezzed Expo in Birmingham

Most media outlets haven’t even been given a chance to try Alien: Isolation yet, but Sega are giving YOU the chance to play the game at the EGX Rezzed event at Birmingham NEC on the 28th-30th March.

Sega seem keen to show gamers the game first-hand with no smoke and mirrors after the utter farce that was the finished product of Aliens: Colonial Marines. So why not head on down? Tickets are available at the event’s site here from as little as £9. The game will be playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Creative Assembly’s survival horror approach certainly has us interested, but we’re cautious as to whether they can maintain it throughout a whole game against just one alien. That said, we’ve been hearing rumours of androids being used as gun-fodder in-between all the hiding in cupboards. Continue reading Play Alien: Isolation at Rezzed Expo in Birmingham

Daylight Bringing First Person Survival Horror to PS4

Previously announced for the PC, the Zombie Studios developed titles will now also be coming to PS4 early next year. Running on the Unreal 4 engine, the game will feature procedurally generated stages, meaning no two playthroughs will be the same and also looking for walkthroughs on YouTube will be rather difficult.

The first-person perspective could help to really pull you into the game. Using only the light from a mobile phone you’ll be investigating creepy locations like hospitals, sewers and so on – all with a similar decor to your average nightmare influenced by Silent Hill or the Saw movies. The Ps4’s camera will also take pictures of you at the precise moment a scary scene takes place to perfectly capture that awkward moment you crap yourself. See, that Share button is so going to pay for itself.

There’s a new trailer after the break along with an older video showing a bit of gameplay below it too. Continue reading Daylight Bringing First Person Survival Horror to PS4

Silent Hill: Downpour Patched, Seven Months After Release

A brisk seven months after lurching onto consoles, Silent Hill: Downpour is finally getting a badly needed patch. While PS3 gamers will have to wait a few weeks, 360 players are able to download the patch now.

Click through to read what Konami have fixed.

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ZombiU (Hands-On Preview)

If ever a console needed a title to appeal to regular gamers rather than small children and fitness-obsessed parents it’s the Wii U. After the relentless shovelware from the original Wii, Nintendo have a lot to prove to get us onboard.

It’s not a great start for Ninty at Gamescom 2012, as they couldn’t even be bothered turning up in first-party form. Thankfully Ubisoft have stepped up -hot off the heels of a hella-strong E3 showing- to get gamers onboard, with Rayman Legends and the much bloodier ZombiU.

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