Daylight Bringing First Person Survival Horror to PS4

Previously announced for the PC, the Zombie Studios developed titles will now also be coming to PS4 early next year. Running on the Unreal 4 engine, the game will feature procedurally generated stages, meaning no two playthroughs will be the same and also looking for walkthroughs on YouTube will be rather difficult.

The first-person perspective could help to really pull you into the game. Using only the light from a mobile phone you’ll be investigating creepy locations like hospitals, sewers and so on – all with a similar decor to your average nightmare influenced by Silent Hill or the Saw movies. The Ps4’s camera will also take pictures of you at the precise moment a scary scene takes place to perfectly capture that awkward moment you crap yourself. See, that Share button is so going to pay for itself.

There’s a new trailer after the break along with an older video showing a bit of gameplay below it too.


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