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Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Screenshots: Heinous

Oh dear. Just…oh god. Silent Hill you used to be terrifying for all the right reasons, now you’re just assaulting my eyes with some of the worst graphics we’ve ever seen on the Vita. We tried giving them the benefit of the doubt by saying it might be a downloadable title, but alas, this is a retail title.

The camera viewpoint points towards a Diablo-esque game, but presumably with unresponsive combat and more enemies that look like inside-out genitalia. The addition of multiplayer to this take on the series could be something of a winner though. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed this plays better than it looks.

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New Screens And Trailer For Final Fantasy XIV Online

Not to be outdone by the return of Lightning, new signs of life emerge from Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn. At today’s 25th Anniversary event for the Final Fantasy series new in-game screenshots were released along with a new trailer.

The original FFXIV was something of a disaster on PC, leading to Square-Enix deciding to pull back and essentially start again, hence the Reborn part of the title. Old assets have been scrapped to ensure everything looks as new as possible as graphical standards have moved on since the original release. That and almost everything attached to the old game was broken.

Have a good nosey at the images after the jump and don’t forget to click them if you want to see enlarged versions. There’s a new trailer too, which almost makes us want to forgive the original’s shoddiness. It’s reassuring to see a PS3 logo at the end of the trailer too as you’d be forgiven for thinking Square-Enix had sacked off those plans. Saying that, is anyone taking bets it will end up being a PS4 game?

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Rainbow Moon: First Screenshots

After teasing fans on facebook for the last couple of days, Eastasiasoft and SideQuest Studios have finally released a batch of screens for their upcoming PS3 strategy RPG title, Rainbow Moon. A genre usually relegated to the PSP or DS looks set to come back in gorgeous fashion to the console market. No blocky sprites here, just wonderfully smooth and vibrant hand drawn-style visuals. There are no solid gameplay details to report as of yet, but we’re sure it will be different to the studios usual output of the Soldner-X side-scrolling shooter games. Expect a release towards the end of 2011.

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