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Rainbow Moon Heading to Vita In 2013

Popular PSN RPG, Rainbow Moon, will be released on PS Vita next year. Publisher eastasiasoft have just announced the news and Marcus Pukropski, CEO of the game’s developers, SideQuest Studios said, “We’ve been asked this question many times, I’m so very happy to finally announce that we will bring Rainbow Moon to the PS Vita. All the feedback we have received for Rainbow Moon during the last few months has been tremendous, and I hope that today’s announcement will make a lot of PS Vita owners and Rainbow Moon fans happy.” Continue reading Rainbow Moon Heading to Vita In 2013

Rainbow Moon: First Screenshots

After teasing fans on facebook for the last couple of days, Eastasiasoft and SideQuest Studios have finally released a batch of screens for their upcoming PS3 strategy RPG title, Rainbow Moon. A genre usually relegated to the PSP or DS looks set to come back in gorgeous fashion to the console market. No blocky sprites here, just wonderfully smooth and vibrant hand drawn-style visuals. There are no solid gameplay details to report as of yet, but we’re sure it will be different to the studios usual output of the Soldner-X side-scrolling shooter games. Expect a release towards the end of 2011.

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Soldner-X 2: The Final Prototype (Review)

Prime your eyes for a full on assault with the return of the high-def retro shooter, Soldner-X 2. It’s side scrolling, in space, you shoot to the left, dodge a lot of lasers and try not to die.

You can initially choose beginner or normal difficulty levels, but the game will also adapt on the fly. If you are doing really well, it will throw more enemy fire at you, while easing up (a little) if you’re getting perforated constantly. Your ships handle with a nice balance of smooth flying, but quick and nimble enough to perform some beautiful dodging.  You have a health bar rather than the typical one-hit-per-life syndrome many of us grew up with. I’m not complaining by the way, PS3 pads are expensive items. Continue reading Soldner-X 2: The Final Prototype (Review)