Rainbow Moon Heading to Vita In 2013

Popular PSN RPG, Rainbow Moon, will be released on PS Vita next year. Publisher eastasiasoft have just announced the news and Marcus Pukropski, CEO of the game’s developers, SideQuest Studios said, “We’ve been asked this question many times, I’m so very happy to finally announce that we will bring Rainbow Moon to the PS Vita. All the feedback we have received for Rainbow Moon during the last few months has been tremendous, and I hope that today’s announcement will make a lot of PS Vita owners and Rainbow Moon fans happy.”

Rainbow Moon should work very well on the Vita, but what we really want to know is if the game will support cross-play saves so we can hop between PS3 and Vita sessions. Fans on the facebook page are already hoping that the game will be free in a similar fashion to Sony’s upcoming policy with Sly 4 and PS All-Stars. We’re yet to see a non-Sony game do this, so fingers crossed, but maybe a discount for owners of the PSN version is more likely.

While no further details are available, we can see how the game would be a good fit for the Vita, especially with the touchscreen. The d-pad inputs for moving and directional attacks were a bit awkward on PS3, but using the touchscreen instead could mean no more wasted turns.

We’ll have more details for you as they emerge. In the mean time, check out my review of the PSN version.


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